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Thread: Trip to thailand part 1 april 2008

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    I know it's not disney and it was a few months ago but wanted to share some trippies i had done for somewhere else.

    left the house after lunch and drove to the purple parking at Heathrow, we dropped it off with no problems and caught the minibus to the terminal. We had got the chauffeur service for the way back as we detest having to go and get the car from a hotel or other car park after a States trip and this was a longer flight. It was about £20 more so we thought we’d give it a try. We were very impressed with their service at this point.

    A lot of people have joked about our choice of airline –Eva Air (based in Taiwan they are massive in south Asia and have an excellent safety record. For the same price as flying with BA economy we managed to get their premium economy (Elite class) and as we weren’t paying for the tickets anyway it was a no brainer. Jon’s Dad lives in Chaing Mai, Northern Thailand and he wanted us to experience the real Thailand, he also paid for our main accommodation in Chiang Mai. Anyway I digress!!! Arrived in very good time –around 5pm for a 9.30pm flight and checked- in in the Elite Class line which was empty!!!The lady was very nice; we were well below the 25kg limit and proceeded through to departures. We wanted to eat in TGI Fridays but they had had a delivery problem and only had one or two items on their menu so we went to the Pub. It was very good value and we had lots of time to relax and shop too!! Got some Harrods goodies for gifts and a Molton Brown travel pack fell into my shopping cart.

    We arrived at the gate and they called people with kids and those in Elite and premium laurel (business), it was a bit of a faff as we had to go on a bus to get to the aircraft (747) but when we got on we were impressed. 38 inch leg room, 8 ½ inch tv screens with films on demand. Had a play with the seats and realised how much more comfortable they were than the ones in BA world traveller plus. The seats actually slide forward as you recline and the leg rest lifts so you are kind of cradled you can still comfortably eat with the persons seat in front of you fully reclined (as I found out on the return journey). You also get a proper quilt which is very snugly. On reaching cruising altitude we were served with a meal which was very tasty- I just had the cheese cake because it was almost 11pm. Watched a movie after that and then took a night nurse (I wasn’t feeling too good and thought I had a cold at this point) – I think I actually slept, I’ve never been able to sleep on aircraft before but the time went ever so quickly. I was disturbed by a call by the captain for any doctors to make themselves known as there was a poorly passenger on board – I looked at the sky map and we were over frickin Afghanistan- brilliant I thought. Must have been ok though as we didn’t have to land!!! Unfortunately just as we decided to descent Caitlin decided to throw up all over . We couldn't find any sickbagsand she was sick all over herself, her quilt, the chair the floor, Jon and poor eeyore . I was glad I packed the baby wipes in my carry on, I felt very smug as I had been questioned by Jon about this!!! Apart from this the flight was excellent, hosties very attentive and if you asked for something it came immediately, oh and I gave the pilot a 10/10 for his landing.

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    Aw poor Caitlin. Apart from that, it sounds like a great start to a holiday

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    Wow, prior to reading this I had no idea you had been to Thailand Julie. Sounds like a pretty good start aside from Caitlin's little mishap.

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