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    The arrival in Bangkok

    Immigration was a breeze and we were out in around 30 mins. We had arranged to be picked up from the airport by the hotel,we were to stay in the Millenium Hilton Bangkok,
    it was a comfortable air conditioned mini bus type thing and it had cold water bottles in it, the driver was very good and didnít go too fast. It took about 30 mins as it was a Sunday afternoon and after that we didnít touch our luggage. We gave him a £3 tip which we were told later was much too much! Because we had booked the executive floor (£70 per night!) we were whisked up to the top floor lounge to check in, we sat down and they took our card and passports to check us in and brought us freshly squeezed orange juice, the oranges were so ripe it tasted like tangerine juice-absolutely delicious. I also had a cup of tea which was fab after having been travelling for 24 hours, it was now about 4pm local and Thailand is 6 hours ahead at the moment. We were shown round the lounge and you can get unlimited drinks and they had some kind of food laid on whatever time you were in there. The Thai people are so lovely and humble and they smile all the time making you feel welcome. We then went down to our room and settled in, the view was fantastic

    Caitlin was immediately bathed as she whiffed a bit and after her eeyore took a bath too, unfortunately no matter how much I We got it from?washed him he still smelt so unfortunately eeyore is no more Disney last year and Caitlin is really upset about it. Anyway we were really tired, ordered room service and then had an early night.

    Eeyore after his bath

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    awww, poor Caitlin and Eeyore! Nice view though!

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