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Thread: thailand part 3

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    Out and about in Bangkok

    We had a very good night’s sleep and the breakfast in the executive lounge was very good, from sushi to fresh fruit to waffles. The fruit over there tastes so much better – ripe and delicious- it tastes like sweets.
    Jon’s dad was meeting us at 11am so we relaxed a bit and then met him in the lobby and took the hotels shuttle ‘boat’ to the other side of the river to catch the tourist boat down the river.

    The river is a main way of travelling in Bangkok and isn’t the cleanest of waterways, we saw countless shoes float by us and coconuts and god knows what else!!! Did I mention that it was 40 degrees????

    After a light lunch we hired a small dragon boat and driver for an hour (£17) for the six of us and travelled down the little canals that surround the main river. They were just like little streets, Jon even saw someone trying to have a poo over the edge of his ‘balcony’!!! yuk

    We got back to the room around 3pm and I wasn’t feeling too well so had a lie down while everyone else went swimming. The kids were leaving that night to go on the overnight train with their Granpa leaving us to go in search of lady boys, well I wanted to, Jon wanted to look at the markets but unfortunately my temperature was 39.6 so I stayed in bed and we ate in the room.

    kids arrival the next morning in chiang mai

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    Any luck finding those "boys"
    Thailand is where i really want to go. I would give up a trip to WDW to go there. It all looks so beautiful.

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    it is very beautiful and i would like to go back again.

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    Great pic of grandpa and the kids. Thailand is a trip I can only dream of making some day.

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    Did I miss something, Brit? What took you there, other than simply wishing to visit?

    What are lady boys? Do I want to know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 55175
    Did I miss something, Brit? What took you there, other than simply wishing to visit?

    Jon's Dad lives there for part of the year Tink and he wanted to show us it and offered to pay for our flights and put us up. We were very lucky that we got to see the real Thailand.

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    what fabulous pictures, and a great experience for your children....

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