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Thread: Does anyone know the candlelight processional speakers?

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    Is there a list of them somewhere and will I know any of them??? I usually dont

    Can someone tell me how long the whole event lasts as well?

    Is it really worth doing the package or is it just as good to stand at the back?

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    I'll try to round up a list, but for now:

    You may know some. I'm not really good with names, but I know I always enjoy Marlee Matlan the best. Gary Sinese is often there, but I don't think so this year? Chita Rivera may be there... can't remember.

    It's about an hour as I recall? If you want to make an event of it, go ahead and do the package. I find it just as easy to stand at the back if I even do that. I'm one of the weird ones in the world who is not a huge fan of this event. I mean, I like it with Marlee, but really I can miss it and not feel deprived at all.

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    here ya go :

    Scheduled Celebrity Narrators include:

    John O'Hurley Nov. 28 - 30
    Neil Patrick Harris Dec. 1 - 3
    Brian Stokes Mitchell Dec. 4 - 6
    Virginia Madsen Dec. 7 - 9
    Marlee Matlin Dec. 10 - 12
    Monique Coleman Dec. 13 - 15
    Chita Rivera Dec. 16 - 18
    Abigail Breslin Dec. 19 - 21
    Steven Curtis Chapman Dec. 22 - 24
    Edward James Olmos Dec. 25 - 27
    Angela Bassett & Courtney Vance Dec. 28 - 30

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