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Thread: best disney character meal?

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    we dont mind breakfast lunch or dinner but can only really afford one so we want to make sure we go to the one with most character interaction and best food if possible?

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    Oh goodness, that is a tough one. It's so very subjective, isn't it?

    I will tell you that Cape May's Character Breakfast buffet is wonderful in terms of food, and character interaction. But, there is no Mickey. Minnie does hold court in the side dining room, and Goofy (and recently I heard that Donald was added) along with Chip and Dale are there. They spend loads of time with the guests.

    The buffet selection is very comprehensive for breakfast and includes Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

    Chef Mickey's is wickedly popular, and 1900 Park Fare is too. So are any of the meals that have the princesses.

    It really does depend upon what you like best.

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    What characters do you like?

    Crystal Palace has Pooh and friends which is great but if Mickey is your favourite then head for Chef Mickeys.

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    Oh my goodness, every character meal is great. Chef Mickey's totally manic but does have Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and probably someone else. As Tink said Cape May's breakfast is absolutely brilliant. Much quieter and because it's not as big as Chef Mickey, much more interaction with the characters. I love Cape May because Chip n Dale are there. Crystal Palace is great for the Winnie the Pooh characters but again that is quite large so the characters may only come round a couple of times. Wherever you choose it will be great

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    We have done most of them and tbh they are all fairly similar food wise ('Ohana is a family style skillet of breakfast food instead of a buffet) I would choose by which characters are most important to you.

    I did think that 1900 Park Fair and Crystal palace breakfast food have slightly better offerings than the others.

    My favourite though was Liberty Tree Tavern but unfortunately that is loosing the characters as of january '09

    My one tip though if it works for you is to get the earliest seating for breakfast - the characters get to you fairly quickly and you can then enjoy the rest of your breakfast without worrying about missing one of them while you are in the line for the buffet :p015:


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    chef mickeys for dinner - excellent food excellent characters - i f I was only doing one that would be it

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    It really depends on which characters you like, the food you prefer and your budget.

    We don't do breakfast and rarely do TS lunch, so no experience there.

    My dinner preference for food is Crystal Palace with Pooh & Friends. The character interaction is excellent. The only issue is if your family likes those characters. Older children might prefer a different venue.

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    With LTT, as mentioned, losing its characters in January I would have to say that the next best character meals are Chef Mickey's and 1900 Park Fare.

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    We ate at Crystal Palace last time and the food was great and so was the interaction. We also went to Chef Mickeys and that was quite good. It was my DW's birthday and Mickey and Pluto came over to make a fuss.

    I may be out there alone on this one but the one at the Land Pavillion, was great. Family style food and we like the interaction. Pretty cool to rotate around during your meal too!:p015:

    We have eaten at Cape May when we stayed at Boardwalk but found the interaction was less. Maybe they were busy.

    We ate at Ohana's but that was a long time ago, back then it was pretty much Minnie Mouse if I remember..quite good for a buffet though.

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