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Thread: irish pub at downtown disney?

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    I cant remember what its called but will check out the menus in a minute. Has anyone from here been there? whats the food like and have you been in the evening when there is supposed to be some irish dancing and singing?

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    Yes, we've been several times. Raglan Road is the name of the main pub. Cooke's of Dublin is the take away fish and chips section. There are two outside areas for sitting and having a drink, as well.

    The entertainment is usually quite nice. They have a dancer, Danielle who is beautiful and talented and does traditional dancing at a high table in the middle of the main dining room.

    There is a small stage where live bands perform, some traditional Irish music, some not Irish at all! Sometimes there are tribute bands, like the U2 tribute band they had for St. Patrick's Day last year (the place was heaving)!

    The food is inconsistent. Sometimes it is quite nice (but NEVER order the fish and chips indoors, always go outside to Cooke's) and other times it's not prepared well at all.

    Our favorite thing to do there is order a few starters (depending upon the number in our party) share them with the table, have a few drinks, enjoy the music and dancing for a bit... you know CRAIC! The pate is particularly nice.

    We have had some nice entrees, the Shepard's Pie can be nice (but it can also be dry). I've had the lobster based sandwich for lunch one time. It was pretty good, not fishy (not too heavy on the lobster though). I've had the sausages (they come impaled on individual forks stuck in a wooden server) that are battered and fried and did not like them at all.

    So, definitely a good place to have good (although not mighty :wink: ) CRAIC, but may not be the best place to have an excellent meal.

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    we've tried it there and really liked it too. We did have the fish and chips though and it sounds like we should have tried something different but we liked it anyway

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    REALLY Tink?

    When we went there the Beef stew was THE BEST I have ever had...Amy had Bangers and Mash and they put a bit of stew on the top of it..

    The bread and butter pudding was YUMMY!

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    I think apart from Boma, it was the worst dining experience we have ever had at Disney. Mind you it was two years ago and then the portions were minute. I cant remember what I had but the stew that ds had was tiny (not great either) and the fish and chip portion left dd starving. The bread and butter pudding saved the day, because the service was lousy, the air con broken (August!) and the entertainment was from the Howling Banshee School. That said, so many people have had very positive experiences but my two left sweating buckets and dd was in tears - not the most positive eating experience unfortunately.


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    Yes, it is a very incosistent place. That's why I say to have the fish and chips out at Cooke's. Their portions are larger, and nearly cooked to order so the food is very hot when you receive it.

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    Yikes! Good thing I didn't have lunch at Raglan Road last year! I almost did both in March and December, but didn't feel like negotiating the construction mess to get there.

    Fish & Chips is the only think on the menu that I would eat. Good to know to order it at Cookes' instead. I didn't even realize they served food in there (or outside of it).

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    Cooke's of Dublin serve fish and chips, a combo of fish and chips and scallops, the battered sausages and chips, I think a chicken and chips, and little pies (savory, not sweet). I think they are mushroom beef and chicken, but can't quite remember. They also serve dough wrapped, deep fried candy bars!

    There may be a few more other choices, but that's what I remember off the top of my head.

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