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Thread: worst disney meal?

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    just curious and also so I can avoid, what was the worst meal you had at disney?

    I think ours was hollywood and vine the food was not hot and it made us ill the next day

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    The worst meal I ever had was a Trout dish at Narcoossee's. Normally I like trout but I haven't eaten or wanted to eat trout since.

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    We weren't wild about the meal at the Scif Fi in the studios. It really wasn't up to par with the food we had had at other Disney Resturaunts. Don't get me wrong, the atmosphere and service were fantastic. The meal it'self has put us off going back tho....
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    Narcoosee's and Yach Club Galley tie for that honor. I might be convinced to try Narcoosee's again (but not any time soon) but you couldn't pay me to dine in YCG again!

    The food was terrible and not even what we ordered. We didn't dare send it back as it had taken over two hours to get it. We saw a server actually scream (as in bent over at the waist shreiking) at the customers at one of her tables.

    It was like something out of the twilight zone. We keep reassuring each other that we really were at WDW.

    Not going there again!

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    Oh dear, Tink, that sounds awful. We were very fortunate to have a great meal there. Mind you if I have learned one thing over the years, it is that service and food can be variable in any Disney restaurant. For us the absolute pits of a restaurant is Boma. The food was disgusting and the service dire. However because everyone raved about it we decided we had just got it on an off day. So in 2006, we went back. Oh dear, this time it was 10 times worse. If you tied me down, strapped me in a wheelbarrow and took me there I would try to escape screaming. It was diabolical! :shocked025:


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    Probably dinner at H&V. Granted, both times we've dined there, the place was completely swamped. Leu thought it was okay both times, but I was almost ready to walk out. Food wasn't at proper temperatures and wasn't replenished regularly.

    Best guess is they are so accustomed to the numbers for the Fantasmic Dinner Package that quality has slipped over time. And if even one or two CMs happened to be out those nights, it probably caused total chaos.

    Have to admit that both times our server was very good. He made sure our drinks were refilled and plates cleared promptly. 'Course, that also helps to keep the clients flowing through!

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    Isn't that the truth Mags! Everyone will have different places that were terrible for them, and then those that were wonderful.

    I must say, I've seen Boma fall off over the years. When it first opened, it was seriously divine. It was a real representation of the continent, and the line cooks and chefs were so very proud of their dishes. They would stand there at each pod and tell you how the dishes had been prepared, and encourage you to try things you'd never heard of.

    Then things started to change. The uniqueness started to disappear and the variety of dishes was seriously reduced. The "dumbing down" (and I hate that expression and don't often use it) set in and the true African flavors disappeared. Africa is an immense continent and has such a myraid of cultures! I was really disappointed to see it change for the worse. So, I'm not too surprised that you didn't like it.

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    We ate at Mama Melrose a few years back and the food was horrible and the service was just as bad. However after reading people raving about it we decided to give a second chance. So we went last month and it was delicious and the service was the best we had on that trip. The other horrible meal we had was at Boatwrights, that was 3years ago and it was just plain terrible. The food was just plain horrible and the service was worse, I dont think that we would ever give it a 2nd chance.

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    Tony's for us. We had the first evening booking and we were all really excited as we had heard such great things about it. CM really couldn't be bothered with us, food was only warm, very bland and service took forever. Not going back there again!

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