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Thread: Few other deep space images from last night

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    A beautiful double cluster of stars in Persues that is visible with the naked eye I found out last night as frost formed on my nosetip.

    The Dumbbell nebula

    A Small globular cluster of stars M15

    And Finally (phew you say )

    the end bit of the California Nebula - supposed to look like California - couldn't frame this well as couldn't see what I was imaging until i processed it this morning

    not a good image but included here as it took up 45 minutes of my life last night

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    what's a nebula?

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    wow those are amazing skywatcher do you take them with a normal camera?

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    yep with an off the shelf DSLR - few attatchments though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 55845
    - few attatchments though
    like a grands worth of lenses?

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    No ,no lenses attatched to a telescope in place of the eyepiece

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    [quote="Skywatcher, post: 55862"]No ,no lenses attatched to a telescope in place of the eyepiece[/QUOTE

    oh alright the cheap option

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    Oh indeed - never said anything about cheap now did I

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