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Thread: Disney Again Day 5 Pt2

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    No need for words. Just sit back and watch.

    Day 5 MK Parade

    Once the parade was over the next stop was :- ??? No I canít admit to going on this one. You will just have to guess.

    One of our favorite rides is : -

    and the grave stone with the eyes that move.

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    Fab photos We love HM too. Tried to get Leota's headstone on video...the bit where she blinks but the queue was moving too quick!

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    Fantastic photos, I can't believe you went on IASW :shocked025:

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    IASW - hey, there's nothing wrong with admitting to that....!

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    cracking photos, what lens did you use?

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    Wonderful photos! Thank you!

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    Bless you! I needed to see the HM badly Fantastic shots!
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    Awesome - shame the parade hasn't changed much in what seems like ages though

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    Great parade photos, I love haunted mansion.

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