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Thread: Disney Again Day 5 Pt3

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    Day 5 Evening

    Tea was at Pecos Bills in Frontier Land. Liz had a salad & I had a burger. Not bad but nothing special. Back again to Main street to watch SpectroMagic Parade but we had left it too late to get somewhere to take decent photos. You cant see too much from the third row back.

    Moved up towards the castle for Wishes but just as it started it began to rain fairly heavily and I was using the good camera not the waterproof one so I didnít get many shots.

    After 13 hours in MK it was time for home, a swim and bed.
    Typhoon Lagoon tomorrow.

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    What a great way to end the day
    It's so disappointing when you don't get a great view of the parades and shows isn't it! I must say still got some good shots.

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    I love reading these reports its like being there

    how do you get such great shots at night?

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    oh i love the light parades!

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    The parade looks lovely at night
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    love the purple castle and the starry firework shots

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    We had our worst meal ever in Peco Bills

    The perfect way to end the day at MK I love Spectro and Wishes. :p015:

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