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Thread: Does anyone have sky HD?

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    If you do have sky hd is it worth the money or no real difference?

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    We have sky hd. The geographic channels are fantastic hense why showrooms put the televisions on this channel whilst advertising HD. Is it worth it at the moment not really sure if it is but i think it will get there. If you are looking at the sky deal at the moment were it is 75 then yes i would buy it. If you have not got sky+ then this is worth every penny you spend on it.

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    how much extra per month is it over sky+

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    I don't know about prices, but sky + Is REALLY worth it. Brilliant.
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    its 10 extra per month

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    my uncle has it shame his plasma is crap but it looks really good, cant wait to get a new tv when i get back from my trip and maybe sign up for it

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