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Thread: offers for next october?

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    can someone explain the various offers for next year?

    There seems to be a uk offer on tv which is something like 14day ticket for the price of 7 + free dining

    But then did I read about a bounceback offer for people staying at the moment? Whats that for

    Im trying to decide what will be the best offer to get for those dates

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    The bounceback offers are for those who are currently at Disney and book their stay for next year. They have offered various bounceback promos throughout the year.

    We were at Disney last year and we booked for next year to get free dining again. You have to book and put down the deposit while you are at Disney. You can't get the offer when you get home.

    Not sure about the UK offer.

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    There is a 14 day ultimate ticket available for the same price as a 7 day ticket.
    There is also free dining but you have to arrive by Oct 3rd and must stay on site for a minmum of 5 nights. I think also it needs to be a moderate resort next year OR if you stay at a value resort you only get Counter service credits and no Table service.
    Hope that helps......


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