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Thread: Disney Again Day 7 Seaworld

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    Wednesday 17th September

    Seaworld today and I took loads of photos so I will split the report into sections.
    This first section will be what we did around the park other sections will be the shows we saw.

    We started off heading to the left towards the Dolphins. The flamingo area was being re-developed into a new ride for next year but did see this chap on the way.

    At the dolphin pool if you want to get near them you have to spend $7 on a tray of fish (3). You cannot buy 1 tray between two of you so these next photos cost me $14. LOL.

    We just had time after feeding the dolphins to make it round to the Blue Horizon Show but more about this in a separate section.
    After the show it was time to cool off on Atlantis.

    Got wet as usual. Some of the water canons at the bottom of the drop were being used to very good effect.
    Kracken was next for the not so faint hearted – me? – you must be joking. Somebody had to hold the camera.

    As we were close to the Penguine Encounter we had a look inside.

    Think there was a close-up tour happening at the time.

    Round the sealion pool with allsorts of wild life.

    Plenty of time to get good seats for the Clyde & Seymore show so we got some shots of the mime artist first but these will come in with the show photos.

    How often have you seen the Sky Tower open and working. It was open so this was a must. Some fab views from the top.


    Shamu Stadium


    And you can see the progress of the new ride.

    Found a little sqiggle wandering around.

    By now it was mid afternoon and time for a drink so we called to the free bar at the hospitality center for : -

    Time to catch the last Shamu show (Photos in the Shamu section) before returning to the villa for tea and a swim before bed.

    Everyone needs a hug in the morning
    and one at the end of the day.
    As many as possible squeezed in between
    to keep lifes troubles at bay.

    What’s another word for Thesaurus?

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    wow, what fantastic photos Shogun, absolutely brilliant. My favourite when I first looked through was the one of the 2 penguins. How cross does the one facing the camera look? Was it something you said?

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    Some truely lovely pictures there Sir - thank you so much for sharing

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    Thanks again.......lovely photos :p015:
    I love the sky tower.....only managed to catch it working on one occasion though!

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    Love your photos, it's a shame you have to buy a tray of fish for each person now to get close to the dolphins.

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