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Thread: Disney Again Day 7 Clyde & Seymore

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    Clyde & Seymore

    About 10 Ė 15 mins before the show starts a mime artist comes out to entertain.

    He really takes the mickey out of some of the people coming in, usually without them knowing.

    We were a few rows back from the front. I was using the still camera and Liz had the video camera running. As he was going to seat 3 people in front of us he caught sight of Liz with her camera. He made her stand up and film the crowd behind her who all waved back. A lady 4 or 5 rows behind us had to stand up with her video cam and film Liz. Lizís face by now was bright red. LOL.

    If you have seen the show before it has not changed. Still got all the corney jokes and lot of ad-libs.

    How do you train an otter?

    Still got the walrus in.

    Everyone needs a hug in the morning
    and one at the end of the day.
    As many as possible squeezed in between
    to keep lifes troubles at bay.

    Whatís another word for Thesaurus?

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    OMG....I love your walrus photos We actually went backstage to meet the animals from C&S and I got a kiss from Slowpoke.....very wet!

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    yaay! I love Clyde and Seymore!

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    one of my faves!!! i'm loving all the photos.

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    The mine artiste is so funny in this.

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