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Thread: which mall (again)

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    ok I know theyve been talked about a bit but I still dont know

    theres a mall at millenia theres a florida mall then theres a premium outlets which is just clothes but close to disney?

    Then I read about prime malls?

    Can someone just once and for all put me out of my misery and tell me which is where and how good and what they do and which to go to and everything

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    premium outlets are at lbv next to where dolly partons dixie stampede used to be i believe they have bought the site to extend

    prime outlets is the old belz site at the top of I drive

    florida mall is on sandlake road

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    I suppose it depends on what you want to shop for.

    Prime and Premium Outlets both have a Disney Character Warehouse where you can get park merchandise for about 50% off. They have some great deals sometimes.

    Florida Mall has all kinds of stores. They have all kinds of stores a regular mall would.

    Mall of Millenia is a more upscale mall.

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