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Thread: Disney Again Day 8 (Photo heavy again)

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    Thursday 18th September

    It being Thursday, the itinerary said I.O.A so that is where we went.
    The first stop was The Hulk. Some of us did it others (me) had to take the photos.

    Just as we left the Hulk some characters arrived. Donít know who they were but I too photos for somebody to identify them.

    Time to get wet!!!!

    On to the Bilge-rat raft.

    Came off the ride soaked Ė could we get any wetter??
    Round to Rip-saw falls while we are wet.

    Could we get wetter I asked Ė bet your sweet bippy we could. We came off completely soaked.
    As I was so wet I took the chance to be a big kid in the fountain. What the heck. I couldnít get any wetter.

    Round to the last of the water rides before we dried off.
    The 10min sign at the entrance of Jurassic Park was wrong. It was another walk on. Even got to sit in the front.

    Lunch was eaten by the window overlooking the splash zone on the drop. Then we walked to Poseidonís Fury but as we had all done it before we gave it a miss and just took some photos.

    And then round to

    and on to the train ride.

    Thing 1 and Thing 2 were out near the exit of the train.

    So were Cat in the Hat and the Grinch.

    A wander along the road

    brought us to The Cat in the Hat. It does say no photography but to be honest the car twists and turns that much you donít get chance to shoot anything.
    Past the hulk again

    and found Spiderman on one of the displays.

    This guy was well cast because it took him no effort at all to jump up and down on the display stands.
    After we left I.O.A. we went the far side of the lake and past Hard Rock Cafť

    Called in at The Blue Man box office and got tickets for later in the week before going back to base.

    Everyone needs a hug in the morning
    and one at the end of the day.
    As many as possible squeezed in between
    to keep lifes troubles at bay.

    Whatís another word for Thesaurus?

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    Your reports and photos have got me wanting to be back soooooo much! Your photos of the rides are brilliant :p015: I hope it was a warm day so that you dried out quickly

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    Another really good day hope you didn't take too long to dry out. :p015:

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