Woke in the small hours to use the 'rest room' and gazed out of the window to find the moon had set and the sky was crystal clear - Saw Orion sparking away and couldn't resist (I think I need some sort of help as this was 3 am)

Took me the best part of an hour to align the scope and get everything working and TBH it nearly deteriorated into John Cleese hitting the mini with the stick - any way it all ot working and after 2 hours imaging and an hour processing we get Orions Sword

This is 3 Nebulae - the 'Running Man' at the top and Two stuck together in the middle (the ball is designated M43 and the Cave M42) definitely my best stab at this and much more detail than before although some detail has been lost downsizing the image and converting it to a jpeg .

To give you some idea of scale - if you shrink the distance between us and the sun to be 2.5 cm then this Nebula ( the main one) would be 20km !!

And I also had a crack at the horsehead nebula which is mega difficult to get without guiding the scope and should need 10 minute exposures - this is a 2 minute exposure and is very messy - The bright star in the image is the left star of orions belt - the fuzzy picture shos the flame nebula and the dark nebula which is supposed to look like a horses head.

Not great but something to improve on next time