WOW I just read about this has anyone been ?

The Polar Express Experience is based on the film from Warner Bros. Pictures and Shangri-La Entertainment, inspired by the children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg. “SeaWorld Orlando, Warner Bros. and Iwerks have created a one-of-a-kind motion simulation experience that combines one of the holiday’s most beloved movies with an actual winter wonderland,” said Michael Fletcher, Vice President of Entertainment for SeaWorld. “The result will completely immerse guests into a thrilling combination of fantasy and reality.”
This adventure begins with a three-minute pre-show telling the story of a young boy lying awake on Christmas Eve, just before midnight. Straining to listen for the elusive sound of ringing bells aboard Santa’s sleigh, the boy is jolted out of bed from the thunderous roar of The Polar Express arriving to take him on an adventure to the North Pole. Guests then embark upon that same adventure as they board The Polar Express Experience. Recreating classic scenes from the movie in a multi-sensory experience, The Polar Express Experience immerses guests with lighting, scent, sound and motion to transport them to the North Pole … and into the spirit of the season.
When guests arrive at their destination, they step off the train and into the movie itself. Temperatures drop and holiday spirits soar as the travelers arrive at the frozen North Pole, complete with towering Christmas tree, gift-laden sleigh, village décor and Santa himself. The journey continues as guests also encounter other inhabitants of the North Pole - the animals themselves - including graceful beluga whales, powerful polar bears and giant walruses.