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Thread: Has anyone tried the busch gardens up close tours?

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    There is supposed to be one where we can feed giraffes but I wonder if its really that good?

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    Yes, it is worth it...

    I did it myself one time & if your a REAL animal lover... you'll like it...

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    We are doing the new Jungala when when we go in August.

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    We did it and got out to feed these antalope type things some melons... and then a storm started and it had to get cancelled They gave us a refund and I think some sort of food voucher but don't quote me on that one That was the day we got locked into the giftshop because of the storm!
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    Really worth it! Feeding the Giraffes was brilliant
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith, post: 92018
    Really worth it! Feeding the Giraffes was brilliant
    i'm definitely going to do this.

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