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Thread: Disney again Day 9

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    Friday 19th September

    As we were about to leave the villa for Hollywood Studios there were some shouts of “Come quick with your camera. Look what is on your car hood”
    Well camera out – how close can I get without disturbing it!!! 2 or 3 shots later they are all laughing. They had found a dead one and put the blimmin’ thing there.

    However while we were there this landed and was definitely alive.

    As we had already been here almost a week it was time we had brekkie at Dennys again. We used our second voucher for joining Dennys club on the internet so we got 20% off the bill again.
    Anyway, down to Hollywood Studios and onto the tram.

    Into the park the first thing you see is the hat at the end of the street.

    And of course the photographers pounce on you.

    Got mine taken holding up the hat.

    Just had a thought – If you get the camera position right and hold your hands palm upwards level with the top of your head it will look like you are wearing the hat.
    On the way round to the Tower of Terror we (well I did anyway) stopped to look at some of the scenery.

    Got to the ToT and it was almost a walk on. I think Liz enjoyed it. She certainly screamed a lot and stamped her feet on the floor of the lift.

    As it was now lunch time and we were by the food outlets we all had something to eat. The food there is nothing to shout about but it fills a hole.

    Found a place in the shade to watch the parade. Well I say parade, what happens is the parade comes into the street

    then it all stops and they put on a show or rather lots of little shows. There are several pods that are doing the same thing all up and down the street.

    Once the show had finished the parade moved off around the corner and stopped again for another show. We rushed round to Toy Story to see if the queue had lessened but it was still 70 mins. So we did the backlot tour.
    They always find some mug to sit in the box!! “BEHIND YOU”

    Then the brilliant actors on the MTB.

    Then a walk past the props dept.

    And out onto the transport. Past the topiary version of the water tower.

    Eventually we arrived at the scene set.

    And past the New York Street.

    Almost time for Lightning McQueen to appear

    Walking round to the Great Movie Ride I found this memory to Walt & Mickey.

    John Wayne still there

    But the gangster takeover of the train was changed to a cowboy takeover.

    Everything else was unchanged.

    The Muppet show was next

    Sign in the entrance

    Only Toy Story Ride left to do. Queue was still about 45 mins but we did keep moving forward.
    Helens crayons seem to get everywhere.

    Pixar lamp was on show.

    Got to the glasses at last

    And onto the ride. 4 People to a car, sitting back to back. This is a great shooting ride and was good fun although I did get hammered . . . . . . . again.
    The evening was finished of at Fantasmic

    Everyone needs a hug in the morning
    and one at the end of the day.
    As many as possible squeezed in between
    to keep lifes troubles at bay.

    What’s another word for Thesaurus?

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    You leave that crayon alone!

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    What a fantastic day you had :p015: Great report and brilliant photos.....although I did laugh at the bug on your car

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    I haven't seen the Block Party Bash yet I am looking forward to seeing that.

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