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Thread: Disney Again Day 10

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    Saturday 20th September

    Light breakfast at Dennys (Ha! Who am I kidding) Then off to Boggy Creek for an airboat ride. It was well sign posted until we got to the entrance. We went right past it an it was only by following an airboat on a trailer we found it.
    Having paid for our tickets we had about 20mins to wait so we had a wander around.
    Just in case you donít see anything on the ride they keep a 12ft alligator in a pen.

    Boggy Creek is not very far from Orlando airport and there were quite a few planes flying over.

    Found the airboat we were to fly? sail? ride on.

    We were soon asked to board and were issued with our ear defenders. Then we were off.

    I must say the lack of wild life was a bit disappointing as this was one of the reasons I had brought my big lens with me but I did see a big bird flying over.

    It was good to be on the water though and it is amazing how these boats can cut through the reeds and weeds.

    We were on the 11.15am trip but even so the alligators had all vanished but we did see a few birds.

    The half hour passed very quickly and we retuned to the dock at high speed.

    As we came ashore there was a motorbike rally arriving.

    They were escorted by motor cycle sheriffs.

    Love this guys face.

    The rest of the day was spent first at Florida Mall then it was back to the villa to get changed for the Blue Man Show.. This is a fabulous show unlike anything you have seen before. Plenty of audience participation too. No photography though once the show has started.

    Everyone needs a hug in the morning
    and one at the end of the day.
    As many as possible squeezed in between
    to keep lifes troubles at bay.

    Whatís another word for Thesaurus?

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    I LOVE that first bike... we've been looking at getting one of those so we can tour round the UK. Serious! We have!

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    Great photos I know my DH would love to go on the airboat.

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