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Great update! Love all the pics and the poem, very sweet! The boys look so cute sitting together watching the films too, they'll be seeing the real thing soon enough!
Thanks hunni! Sorry I missed your post earlier been in my bed for the last few days really not well with a stomach bug so haven't really been with it.

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Oh Carreen
Your poem brought a tear to my eye, did you write it yourself? its truly beautiful. I love the pictures of the boys they do look so angelic; bet they are hard work (worth it though). Dont worry to much about what to bring its surprising how many days one sweatshirt/jumper can be worn, you dont seem to mind on holiday
Aww thanks hun, I'm sorry to say that I didn't write it myself but loved it so much and summed up how I felt the best. My boys are the picture of angelic ( in pictures that is!) you should come here around 5.30pm then you will see how unangelic they can be! Hope your having a great time!.xx

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I'll sort photobucket when kids are in bed, but click on the link and hopefully it should work.

I took no responsibility for any reactions to the food colouring:shocked025:
Cake looks fab hunni! I'l bet there were a few bouncing children at your house!!!:gy:

Just to say that I am hoping to update at some point either tonight or over the weekend. Before I came down with this nasty stomach bug I managed to get the Journals bound and the last of my t-shirts done so will try and get those photos upoaded and posted asap.

So stay tuned!