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Thread: The Slowhand`s Trip - Part 2

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    We are so looking forward to meeting Ricardo's wife on our November trip. We met Orlando last time. You and Sue do indeed know lots of folks there Terry.

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    Wow! You two know everyone!

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    great view from the GF Terry. We stay in that building just round the corner from 'your' room facing castle. We have had a corner room that overlooked the marina and the MK..must have been near to the one you were allocated.

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    oh my days..... i would love a stay at gf!!!!!

    another good read
    Claire xx

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    My word what I would do to stay at GF!! How nice it must be to feel "at home" there and to know so many lovely people!

    Another great read!


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    Brilliant installment, Terry...those photos are top notch...what a lovely view!

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    Great report but I couldn't see the pics of the view for some reason just a little box with a red cross in!

    Really enjoying it so far and like everyone's said you know everyone lol!!

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