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Thread: if I book then a discount comes out?

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    What do I do if I book on the disney site and they release a special discount closer to the time? can I cancel and rebook or apply the discount or am I stuck?

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    If you book on the US site, you can call and ask them to apply the discount to your existing reservation, if it's available for the same time/resort. If it isn't, book the new ressie before cancelling the old ressie and applying the funds to the new booking. You want to be sure you don't end up sleeping on a bench!

    Not sure how the UK website works.

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    general public and ap discount codes are not applicable to UK bookings, made on the UK site....

    not sure where you live wishonastar, but as Taja has addressed the US question, I am following up from the UK side. If we want to do discounted rates (and play the currency exchange rate game, then we need to book through the us site, or call us reservations).

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