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Thread: Which disney villain are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BevW, post: 65429
    Me too! bwahahahaha hmmmmmmm
    Same Here !

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    Which Disney Villain Are You?

    It's a tie!

    <TABLE><TBODY><TR><TD></TD><TD>You are part Ursula. You are the biggest and most powerful. Some may liken you to the business type; you drive a tough bargain, trading legs for voices. You single handedly made a whole generation distrust strangers, no matter how nice and caring they are towards "poor unfortunate souls."
    </TD></TR><TR><TD></TD><TD>You are part Captain Hook. The crusher of dreams. You are Disney's one and only funny villain. But don't discredit the evilness that is Captain Hook. You do your part in scaring little children and teaching a generation of adults to yearn for childhood again. Cuz hey, you just want to fly too.

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