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Thread: "a change is as good as the rest"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsc, post: 61271
    ohhh thank you so much......:2uge4p4: this is me normally!!

    yea thats me too...but with kitchen knives....we havent found that smilie yet...

    And what the enemy will see? They will see the flash of our cannons, and they will hear the ringing of our swords, and they will know what we can do! By the sweat of our brow and the strength of our backs and the courage in our hearts! Gentlemen, hoist the colors!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PsychoAlice, post: 61270
    yea we even get to say CRAP...LMAO
    Claire always spells it CARP anyway!!!

    In fact we all do now

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsc, post: 61281
    when you post a replie they are to the on more and then go to the middle of the page and there is a drop dow bar!!!

    they are way too cool!!!!

    MMmm thats what I have been doing but they cool ones just aren't there for me? I musn't be special enough!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dizneyblonde, post: 61285
    Claire always spells it CARP anyway!!!

    In fact we all do now
    i know !!!!!

    i would feel so weird spelling it crap not carp!!!!!

    i have my own book of speeligns now!!!!! lol :tongue0011-1:
    Claire xx

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    Whoohooo I FOUND them!!!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by caz1712, post: 61287
    MMmm thats what I have been doing but they cool ones just aren't there for me? I musn't be special enough!

    you have to kinda sift through the categories in the drop down box.... our Smiley Herder (Dorothy) is trying to organise them a bit more but its quite a large effort to get it all done so right now there's all sorts in there
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    ok then i guess if nothing else we should do a this time next week.....woop woop woop!!!

    i shall be on my way!!!

    and didnt we have some bumps along the way!!!!!

    i shall be on one of these babies.


    and spending 2 weeks on some of these

    Claire xx

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    Claire hunny we have to draw a line under what has happened and enjoy the welcome we all have here.

    This place has been fantastic from the start as i knew it would because of the people who are here.Some of whom i have i have considered friends for years.

    It will all seem a little strange for a while as none of us get on with change but you will soon feel at home and forget there are other places to post!

    Please post your pre trippie as it is so infectious and i know everyone here will love it.

    You are only a week away from the Disney magic you have been planning for for so long so put that smile back on your face and accept some of my dizziness to get you back in the mood!
    I'd swing you round the dancefloor but my back isn't up to it.

    At the end of the day the people that matter know how it really is and that's all that counts.Whatever anyone else thinks or says is not important so don't let it spoil your holiday build up.

    You, me and Jodie have become so close and such good friends over the last few months we can get through this and in a few weeks we won't even care.
    I think we need to plan another Kitchen Sink weekend!

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    Man I remember when I only had a week left....anyone have a flux capasitor? Mines on back order...something about plutos stock running low...I dunno...

    And what the enemy will see? They will see the flash of our cannons, and they will hear the ringing of our swords, and they will know what we can do! By the sweat of our brow and the strength of our backs and the courage in our hearts! Gentlemen, hoist the colors!

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    1week to go

    So, I find myself 1 week before I return to Disney catapulted to a new site…I really don’t want to go into detail on this, as we all are probably either none the wiser, or sick of it.
    I am however reserved as I don’t really cope with change at all!!!!
    But as I have visited this forum before and posted I know you are all really welcoming and I look forward to sharing this up and coming trip with you all, and for some that have been following elsewhere…this is all be it a brief summary of the past year!!!

    I first visited Disney with my wonderful husband in 2006, there is a story to this, I shall se if I can extract it from somewhere……..

    Way way way back when, the wonderful fantastic husband said “one day” ( which seems to be his favourite saying)
    That he would love to take us to Disney.
    He had been before and he knew 100% that me and the kids would absolutely love it, But he had always stated that they needed to be old enough to enjoy it and remember it, as it would be the trip of a lifetime, things we thought we could only dream off. And things we would remember forever and ever.

    He wasn’t wrong there at all!!!!!!!!

    Well…they reached the grand old age of “old enough” in 2006,
    Which made them 10 11 and 12……yes I really did have them that close together.!!
    And we did some serious umming and arghing about booking

    on all of our other holidays we had gone in big groups with most of my family and close family friends, sometimes there would be 20 plus of us.
    So I told them all we wouldn’t be doing the normal big family holiday this year as we were of to Disney, and did anyone care to join us?

    I have 2 sisters and 1 had already been to Disney many moons ago and really didn’t enjoy it so said no, (???)

    The other sister asked when we were thinking of going as she works in a school and would need to go in half time.

    Well I had found sites that had fab info on “ all there is to know about Disney” and then some, me and dh looked into possible times to go and we liked the idea for nov /dec time as it looked a quiet time and the price was really good.

    so big sister applied for time off to join us and was refused.
    We priced up going In holiday times but the price was almost doubled so we apologised to big sis and went ahead and booked. This was to be our first holiday as a family of 5.

    as you can imagine we had an absolutely amazing time!!!
    And on our last evening, whilst watching wishes for the 4th time with tears streaming down my face I made a promise to the children that we would be back……

    Back home we discussed when we would return, and 2008 seemed sensible on the wallet and I was adamant I dint want to go anywhere if it meant that it took longer to get back to Disney. So we agreed to go back in 2008
    As the kids were at ages where schooling would be an issue we knew we would have to take them during school holidays….

    over a cuppa one day I mentioned to my sister that we were hoping to return in 2008, She asked what time of year we would be going and I quickly remembered…how could I forget…….that she had originally wanted to come with us!!!!!!!!!
    I told her the school holidays and she suddenly started wearing a huge grin and said “can we come?”

    We discussed dates and oct half term looked good for us all, as long as the school chucked in a few inset days and that my ds boss would allow her 2 days leave………..

    Well a week later she was back to me with time off and we set about booking it up!!!!

    And So We Are:

    Me Claire 34 Chief Planner Organiser. 2nd trip to Disney
    Dh john 43 Man With The Money, Coaster Freak. 3rd trip
    Dd14 Hannah Coaster Freak. 2nd trip
    Ds13 Ashley Typical Teen Boy. 2nd trip
    Dd11 Danielle Princess Coaster Freak. 2nd trip
    Bs Jo 47 Refusing To Go On Any Thing!!
    Bil Jim Up For Anything
    Dn Josh 10 Most Looking Forward To Tot .11 while we are away!

    When me and Jo had decided to arrange this holiday we decided to not tell my kids that the others were coming!!
    And so the wind ups started, and they kept asking for them to “please come it is amazing in Disney!!”
    Around December of 2007 I finally gave in and told my 3 who were, as expected really excited to go with auntie Jo, Jim and josh, so I said to tell my sister Jo to tell her son Josh.

    Then the wind ups turned on me.

    As josh would turn 11 while we were away, she asked him if he would like as a birthday treat to spent it in Disney world, josh was keen to learn to race cars and was able to race when he is 11, so he was hoping to have his first racing car, a mini for his eleventh birthday, so said no thanks!!!
    And he was adamant.
    My heart sank.
    I had to tell my kids that Josh didn’t want to go.
    Many begging weeks passed and still the same answer.

    Me and Jo went ahead and booked and hoped he would accept it without to much disappointment but we still thought it was best not to tell him that we had booked.

    A bit of excitement was lost when we booked as I knew there was a chance that Josh wouldn’t be happy.

    So we booked , 2 weeks at pop century
    Disney 7 day tickets
    5 park flexi plus tickets
    we were all booked with travel city direct. we had travelled with them before so didn’t see a problem going with them again.

    (how wrong was i!!!!!!)

    Christmas came and went and still Josh had no idea.
    Danielle asked “when are you gonna tell him?”
    So my sister decided to have a chat with her son…………….

    Well, Jo normally pops round to me for a cuppa and a gossip at the weekend and turned up one day with josh, we were all sat chatting in front of the box when Josh starts pulling out all the park maps from under his top and laying them out on the floor,
    we all look on in silence,
    when he looks up he has a huge smile on his face and we realise he knows about coming and is more than happy too!!
    We all jumped around and chatted for the rest of the day about the trip.

    I got out all the paperwork from tcd to show everyone all our names, to prove we were all going!!!

    At some point my sister told me that josh at first thought it was just him coming along with me and my family, he was more than happy to leave his mum at home!!

    And so I set about my “research” and “planning”

    And how things have changed!!!!!!!

    Here is more of what I wrote almost a year ago…and I will add pics soon to give you a break from the reading

    And so the planning starts with me writing down all the days we are there,
    and all the parks we have to choose from.
    I do this numerous times and get a massive kick out of reorganising and shuffling!!!
    I do realise how sad I am but hey , im not hurting anyone,

    We are in florida from 25 oct to 8 nov.
    The Halloween celebrations and parties are on whilst we are there but we have agreed not to do them, I would love to do Disneys scary party but paying out for the 5 of us I cant justify. Disappointed but I guess I can work on the dh!!!

    We did mickeys xmas party in 06 and although it was brilliant it was crowded and I felt not really worth the extra dollars I did get some amazing pics though and loved the parade and shows.
    I have heard that the kids can do trick or treat in dtd so we are gonna try that out for Halloween.

    On 5 nov I thought we could watch illuminations as way of remembering bonfire celebrations.

    On our last trip we had a spare day to go back to our fav disney park, after lengthy discussions we couldn’t agree on a favourite so decided to try and visit all 4 and get photopass pics in front of all the park icons. This was superb and we were all on a high, it was a great way to end the holiday and my 3 kids have said we have to do it again this year. So this will be done on our last full day in florida.

    Danielle treated herself to bbb on the day we flew home so came home looking like a princess this is to be repeated again too!!

    I have obviously told any one who has ears that I am going back to Disney and was made up to hear that my cousin is going to be there while we are!!! Her dates start a few days before us but we are at the moment trying to organise 1 or 2 days together.

    I am finding it hard work trying to plan this trip as I have told amazing stories of florida but I have to please 8 not 5 this time and while I am really close with my sis it still makes me worry.

    Oh my days……sounds like I have a real plan coming together doesn’t it……..i was loving all the planning and I was super super organised or so I thought!!!!

    I made epcot passports,
    And dollar envelopes for all 4 children….these have changed from the original ones that I had planned, the printer just couldn’t take the ink battering !!!

    On with more of my plans…

    i have, i think,finalised our itinary, i am just running it by everybody who are just nodding saying whatever.... do they not know i am trying to make this holiday amazing!!!
    any way, i have worked it out so we have a free day,fingers crossed i can persuade the adults for a visit to some dolphin place!!!!!!

    if the plans are all ok then i am making some itinary cards for each day we are there, I am sure these ideas have been shared amongst a lot of us by now!!
    And i have found a countdown paper chain, so I am looking forward to printing this out and starting to take off the links.

    Last week I suggested to the “others” that they should look into this holiday and see if they have any things that they would like to try……
    I felt I didn’t want to be too bossy so I felt I really should give them chance for some input….. I gave them 1 week to get back to me.
    Ok secretly I just wanted them to say they were fine with all my plans,
    So a week has passed , and they have ideas of there own!!!!
    How dare they!!!!
    Well, there choice is for a trip to a car speedway thingy, which is really not my thing at all… however the person who has requested this is more than happy to go alone, so no big panic but I will feel bad waving him of for the day for the best part of today I have been looking into this for him.

    I have given “others” the task of finding an overnight hotel with parking for the night before the flight.
    I have made it perfectly clear that I am more than happy to stay at the Gatwick Hilton!!!

    Also as dd was home ill today i called disney and booked her bbb, we went for the coach package and it is $49.95.
    in 06 it was only $30.00!!
    it made her feel better!!

    How strange it is to look back at all of this!!!!
    Hope it isn’t dragging on too much

    Well.. After reading through what I had put I thought what the heck…..lets just say it how it is now!!!!!!

    i had a fantastic amazing itinerary arranged and had made all adrs and booked la nouba and was happily taking off each link to the countdown chain when the devastating news of xl was upon us.

    That day was awful…many phone calls were made to my dearest Disney friends…Teresa and Jodie.

    I don’t remember much about that day, just that we spent about 4 hours in a travel agent and had rebooked a completely different holiday and I now owe my sister quite a bit of money…we were still going but I felt like I had had the wind knocked out of me.

    And so my plans had to be completely changed…..

    Dates are now 23 oct to 6 nov staying at all star music

    wed 22 oct

    long drive to gatwick to spend the evening at the gatwick worth,

    thur 23 oct

    flight o sanford leaving at 6.3o
    landing at 11.35
    book into asmu
    evening at mk for wishes

    fri 24th oct


    sat 25th oct

    ty lag
    this may change

    sun 26th oct

    this also may change

    mon 27th oct


    tues 28th oct

    epcot future
    la nouba

    wed 29th oct

    blizzard beach
    world showcase

    thur 30th oct

    mini golf

    fri 31st oct

    dtd trick or treat
    meet naanv and tinkinoink and ilovesnowwhite

    sat 1st nov

    chef mickey

    sun 2nd nov

    richard petty for the boys
    mk for the girls
    hollywood and vine fantasmic package

    mon 3rd nov

    meet up with nannav and tinkinpink
    whispering canyon for evening meal

    tues 4th nov

    busch gardens

    wed 5th nov

    yes...we are still doin our 4 park challenge!!!!

    thur 6th nov

    bbb for danni
    disney quest
    fly home in the afternoon.

    i do feel it needs tweaking as we are doing all the waterparks in the beg of the trip, but i am finding it hard to juggle as i have already made adr and plans to meet up which i dont want to change.

    And so there we have it…… plans and revised pre trippie from the last year all squeezed into this…….

    And we are off next week, this time next week I shall be in the skys……

    I really don’t cope with change so my title is reflecting this……

    Change of site and change of holiday!!!
    I say this with a smile on my face!!!!
    Claire xx

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