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Thread: whats the best mini golf?

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    is it that one by blizzard beach or is there some other one Im missing? I like really intricate courses with lots of stuff happening

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    I think theres a good pirate one at that crossroads place not too far from downtown disney sorry thats not much help

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    WinterSummerland is next to Blizzard Beach - two courses one themed winter one summer - good fun.

    There is Fantasia Gardens near to the Boardwalk - that has a 'crazy golf' course with lots of spurting water etc that is fun, there is also Fantasia Fairways at the same place, it's a grass pitch and putt type course with lots of water hazzards and it is very difficult and frankly I think Tiger Woods would give up on it :rolleyes008:

    There are offsite ones as well, one or two on I-Drive and one at the Crossroads and I think one on the 192 (never remember which is which but one is Pirates and one is Congo River).


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    we like wintersummerland

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