We've stayed at AKL twice & at WL twice & i really like them both. I don't see them as similar really, I think they are very unique. I guess I tend to have a bit of a warmer spot towards WL but not really sure if it's for any other reason than memories (first went when our kids were tiny, etc.). I cannot imagine you would be disappointed with choosing either of these two places. I mean the pools, the dining, the rooms...you just can't go wrong with either!

Only thing i can think of WL had, for us, over AKL is that we like to resort hop when we are at WDW & you can catch a boat over to the Contemporary & if you wanted to do more hopping you can catch a monorail to the other MK resorts. This is something that my family enjoys a lot tho not every family would. Other than this can't really think of anything one has over the other.