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Thread: "It's an adventure" Day 3: Animal Kingdom

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    Friday 13th April

    Animal Kingdom was the park today and as it was opening at 8:00 we were up at 6:00 to get ready. Once again Dad did the apple juice and coffee run while I got washed and dressed, which would become the routine for the fortnight.

    We were out of the door at 7:30 and parked up in Unicorn 22 by 8:00. Neither of us are roller coaster fans so first stop was Kilimanjaro Safaris and as the wait time was already posted as 20 minutes we decided to get fast passes although I think it would actually have been a walk on.

    We then headed next door to Pangani Forest Exploration trail and started wandering along. We had been through a couple of exhibits and as we rounded a corner I saw a group of what I first thought were Photo Pass photographers standing at the sides of the path. I then saw that they were in fact a YOMD prize team, I think about three people in all. Ah well, we had our chance yesterday so good luck to whoever they were waiting for.

    As we got up to them they asked if we were having a good day and commented that we already had fast passes as I had mine in a pouch on my lanyard. They then went on to ask if we knew about Year Of A Million Dreams and what it involved and I replied that we did at which point they told us that we were lucky winners of…Dream Fast Passes! I had hoped to complete a Dream Fast Pass set but sadly that was to be our last encounter with the YOMD prize team although considering the number of people that attend WDW every day I certainly feel privileged to have been in the right place at the right time twice.

    We carried on through the trail and had a short sit down in Harambe before returning to Kilimanjaro Safaris. There were quite a few animals out and we helped save Little Red before returning back to base.

    Next on the agenda was the 10:40 Lion King show so we made our way down to Camp Minnie Mickey and had another sit in the shade while we waited for the doors to open. We were seated in the Warthog section and were treated to a rather strange rendition of an elephant sound from the leader of their section, it sounded more like somebody snoring! The show was great with some really good performances from the cast although one of the ‘monkeys’ did look as though he was just going through dance moves rather than enjoying the performance but then I suppose we all have bad days.

    After the show it was time to eat so we stopped off at Pizzafari where we had a slice of Pepperoni Pizza and a Coke each for a total of $15.96.

    Once we had eaten we went to get Fast Passes for It’s Tough To Be A Bug (I wanted to keep the Dream Passes intact as souvenirs) and then went off to see the Flights Of Wonder bird show. I really enjoyed this show, you are close to the action and the birds seem to be behaving naturally rather than ‘performing’.

    We then made our way down to It’s Tough To Be A Bug and only had to wait a couple of minutes to be seated. I really love 3D movies and this was no exception. Dad liked it as well although I hadn’t told him about the ‘stinging’ and the bugs leaving the theatre.

    After the film we did some shopping and I added to my already growing pin collection including a limited edition Friday 13th at the Haunted Mansion pin that had been released today. Again it was getting warm and the park seemed more crowded than EPCOT had been yesterday so at 1:10 we left the park.

    Sat nav was set for Downtown Disney and we were off. I really found the sat nav to be indispensable on the trip and despite a couple of glitches I wouldn’t have been without it. First stop was Virgin where we had a look round at the DVDs and DS games before stopping for a drink in the café. We then walked up through West Side and Pleasure Island to Disney Village Marketplace where we stopped off at World Of Disney. This was heaving but I still managed to spot a number of T-shirts and sweatshirts that I wanted. Dad wanted a decent Pooh (yes we did all the jokes you can think of over the fortnight) so we walked over to Pooh Corner where he got exactly what he wanted. Finally we had a look around Pin Traders before going back to the hotel arriving back around 4:30.

    We had our usual beer in the bar and then decided to eat in Concourse Steakhouse. Although they had only just opened as we didn’t have reservations we were told there would be a 40 minute wait which we accepted. We were given a pager which went off after a short wait and we returned to be seated. We both ordered a glass of wine and for the first time this trip I was “carded” but unfortunately I hadn’t brought my driving licence downstairs so Dad had to go upstairs and get my passport to show the server.

    We both started with Five Onion Soup which had a really lovely thick melted cheese topping then I had the Filet Mignon and Dad had a prime sirloin. After a great meal we were both stuffed and didn’t bother with dessert but adjourned to the bar where Dad had a Grand Margarita and I had a Mudslide Martini.

    Well fed and watered we retired to bed at 10:00 ready for another early start tomorrow.

    Tomorrow: “That was good” Day 4

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    sounds like a great day
    :tongue0011-1:been before and cant wait to go again:tongue0011-1:

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    OMG i cannot beleive you got dream passes again lucky you.... sounds like you are on a roll, a brilliant day.

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    fast passes again OMG! how lucky were you?!

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    weston super mare
    another great read my dd21 is well happy she can drink this hols but ds19 isnt so happy though we are staying in a villa so a few beers will be consumed there im sure

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