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Thread: Richard Petty Driving Experience

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    Is this still there? If so, what's it like?

    I must admit I've never really even paid much attention to it, however my fave uncle and his family will be taking a trip next year to Disney World and he is an avid racing fan...they are going to be there for his birthday, so I thought I might mention it to my aunt as a birthday suggestion...


    PS. My complete and utter uselessness just *nearly* shown through as I was just about to post this thread under the title "TOM Petty Driving Experience" :rolleyes008:

    I think I need coffee. I *know* I need help.

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    It is still there
    DH did the Rookie Experience for the second time at the beginning of this year.
    You can buy different experiences from just sitting in one of the cars with an experienced driver to doing many laps on your own.

    The family can watch the whole experience too and sit at the track.

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    I've always heard good things about it!

    lol I'm sure the Tom Petty experience would be a whole different kind of trip!

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    "Breakdown, go ahead and give to me..." My little sister's favorite Petty.

    Issy's Dave has done this experience. She'll be able to give you loads of info. She has a video of some of it too.

    It's not dirt track, but it'll do. :wink:

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