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Thread: "It's an adventure" Day 4: MGM

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    Saturday 14th April

    We were up at 7:15 today and after the usual routine we were on our way to MGM by 8:40. We parked up in Stage by the wall that separates the parking lot from the bus area.

    First stop after rope drop was Tower of Terror. Now this was another new ride for us as it didn’t exist when we were last here and I had been debating since I booked the holiday whether I would ride it or not. When I woke up this morning I decided to skip it but then thought that I didn’t want to come home wishing I had experienced it so after rope drop we walked round to TOT and got in the queue before I could change my mind again. We were more or less straight into the television room and then round to the elevator loading area. We were seated in row 1 and then we were off with no turning back. We reached “that point”, the doors opened and that was it, we were dropping, then we were going up, then we were dropping, then…well you get the idea. I lost count but I think we had three or four drops then the lift moved backwards signalling that it was all over. As we walked off Dad and I agreed that in a perverse sort of way we had both enjoyed it even though we are not thrill ride fans and we just had to buy the ride photo. We are in the front row right hand side of the picture. The guy on Dad’s left was on his own because his mate chickened out at the loading stage and I also love the faces of the woman at the top left of the photo and the young boy at bottom left.

    From there we went to Voyage Of A Little Mermaid which was a great show although Dad jokingly complained that with this and ITTBAB he kept getting wet (although far worse was to come later in the holiday). From there we went round to Great Movie Ride where we got the gangster version although Bugsy’s acting seemed a bit wooden, or maybe it’s supposed to be that way.

    Once our tour guide had ‘rescued us’ it was time for something to eat so we wandered round to the ABC Commissary where Dad had a Cuban sandwich and fries and because I didn’t want too much to eat before our buffet tonight I just had fries. We both had cokes and the total was $12.86.

    After lunch we went round to catch the Lights, Motors, Action stunt show. I love stunts and I really like seeing behind the scenes and how things are done so this show was right up my street. I had seen it on the Relive The Magic DVDs but it was something else seeing it live. The only downside with something like that is it takes you an age to get out of the stadium and around the crowds trying to work out where they want to go next.

    By this time we were ready for a break so we had a mooch around the shops and left the park at 12:45. We went back to the hotel where we had a drink and I caught up with the boards before relaxing ready to return to MGM for our Fantasmic package.

    We left the hotel around 3:45 and went back to MGM where I again parked in Stage and we caught the tram up to the main gates. We wandered round to Muppets but there was a queue outside so we decided to go in the Muppets shop instead and by the time we came out the queue had gone so we walked in part way through the pre-show.

    I believe Muppets was the first 3D movie I ever saw and 15 years on it hasn’t lost any of its magic for me although Dad still wanted to know why he was always getting wet!

    From Muppets we went round to Sounds Dangerous which I thought was something completely different and being in the dark with the headphones on really made me picture what I was hearing and what was going on.

    Time was approaching for our 6:00 ADR so we walked round to Hollywood & Vine and although I checked in at 5:45 they were really busy and we weren’t seated until 6:15. I started off with a Caesar Salad with Spicy Fennel Slaw and Dijon Potatoes before going back for BBQ Meatballs, Pork Tenderloin and Mediterranean Chicken and finishing off with a Rice Krispy Treat and Chocolate Mousse and Snickers Cheesecake washed down with a watermelon Sprite.

    Suitably stuffed there was just time for a wander round One Man’s Dream including the film before going down to Oscar’s and into the Fantasmic amphitheatre. After a couple of false starts there were some quite decent Mexican waves going on although the ones started on our side seemed to do better.

    We were back at the hotel by 9:45 and in bed by 10:30 ready for a rest day tomorrow.

    Tomorrow: “I’ll get some serviettes” Day 5

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    A busy but fun day was had by all...

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    great day and love the pic
    :tongue0011-1:been before and cant wait to go again:tongue0011-1:

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    weston super mare
    great report will have to catch up wen i return from my hols :p015:

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    great report thanks

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    arrrrgh! i was traumatised by ToT! great pic!

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