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Thread: 6th Timer's show the Newbie how It's done ~ Day 0

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    The Night Before and the day of the Mammoth Journey

    The day before we left I was working, as was DBF. I didn’t mind though because I knew I was finishing early to travel up to Heathrow and also knew I didn’t have to be back for over two weeks, such a great feeling!! I’d agreed with work that I could leave early at 4pm and Alun was finishing early too. My DM is a Primary School teacher and was off work for the holidays and my DF was also off work so that we could make an early getaway.

    We left our house on time, and drove the short distance (all 11 houses away) to my DM and DF’s house. We were taking two cars (as we were going for a fortnight and my parents for three weeks) but we were following my parents up to the Hotel. After loading up the cars, we set the Tom Tom up to try it out as we were taking it to WDW with us and it didn’t let us down. A quick stop for petrol at Tesco’s and we were off!

    The trusty Tom Tom

    We arrived at the Holiday Inn where we’d booked two rooms for the night and me and DM had a few glasses of wine and some snacks in my parents room while Alun and my DF went to check out the Bar!!

    A few pints later they soon returned and we said goodnight as we had an early start in the morning! With the alarm set for 6.30am we had a lovely night’s sleep ready for our busy day ahead.

    The next morning I was up as soon as I heard the alarm and quickly showered and dressed – notice the familiar face – or should I say feet – on my t-shirt? :grin:

    We then met my parents out by the lifts and made our way down to reception to fill in the paperwork for the cars as we were leaving them at the hotel whilst we were away. After a slight incident with the revolving doors, we made our way outside to wait for the Hoppa bus to Terminal 3.

    After a few stops at the various Terminals, we were dropped off at Terminal 3 and made our way towards the Air Canada line to check in for our first flight of the day to Ottawa! When pricing up the flights for the holiday, my DF had found that we would save £££’s by flying a non-direct route. This meant a flight from Heathrow to Ottawa, Ottawa to Toronto and then Toronto to Orlando. This was fine by us as we were all adults and didn’t have any little ones to keep amused on the flights – Alun did have his Nintendo DS to keep him quiet though and I was looking forward to seeing a bit of Canada even if it was only from the air!

    The lady checking us in had to give the four of us the boarding cards for all three flights so we were a little while at the desk and chatted to her while we waited.

    After dumping the luggage, we made our way through security fairly quickly and found ourselves a table by Starbucks, I had a Hot Chocolate and the rest had Lattes.

    We also shared some Pizza and didn’t have long to wait before they were calling our plane to board. The flight to Ottawa was uneventful and I passed the time by reading and watching TV. We were sat by the window in the row infront of my parents. We had one last look at the gloomy UK weather before we were off.

    It didn’t seem long to wait before the food was brought around

    I chose the fish

    Alun had the chicken

    At Ottawa we had to queue to clear immigration and then go through to collect our bags to check them in for the next flight of the day. Luckily all 4 bags were already going around the carousel as they were ‘in transit’ so we quickly collected them and dropped them back off at ‘connections’. Fairly painless so far as we had been worried that our luggage may not make it all the way to Orlando, but so far so good!

    We then had a little wander and then sat near our gate

    Continued Below

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    Again the flight to Toronto was uneventful and as it was a short flight we had a view over land pretty much the whole way so I took some snaps which haven’t come out very well but here they are…

    Once we touched down in Toronto, we had a long walk to collect the luggage again and then had chance to grab a quick Starbucks before boarding the final plane of the day to Orlando, our final destinaltion!

    Continued Below

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    All this writing and we’re still not there lol.. well this flight was also uneventful and I passed the time by watching Maid of Honour starring McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy. When we landed at Orlando we had the longest wait of the day with Dollar waiting for the car. This took about an hour and we then made our way over to Bay 6 of the parking lot to meet the car which would become our second home (after the Villa) for the fortnight.

    The car was a deep red coloured Chrysler and was sooo spacious it was lovely and served us well. We set up the Tom Tom and soon arrived at our Villa took some quick photo’s and then collapsed into bed ready for Alun’s introduction to MK tomorrow!

    Some photo’s of the Villa

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    I still can't believe you did three flights!

    Can you send me a link to your villa website, i'm on the prowl for 2011!

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    three flights wow im set up for two on tue hope they go as smoothly as yours :p015:

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    Cor that was a long day lol! Excellent start though villa looks pretty too, can't wait for the rest! Well done X


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    I still can't believe the amount of travelling you had to do!

    Loving re-reading these!

    Fab pictures!


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    Pictures, pictures and more pictures i am in heaven, i forgot how many pictures you posted.

    You must all have been totally exhausted when you finally arrived at your villa which looks beautiful.

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