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Thread: How many weeks vacation time do you get?

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    I get 28 days plus two weeks at Christmas plus bank holidays, think that is pretty good really. Oh and paid sick leave, which I have never taken any.

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    At one time I could answer that one....with...

    My three favorite reasons for becoming a teacher -




    But I ended up working each summer at a university, coaching a sport or now being a 10 + 2 empolyee (that does not equal 12 months in VA:p - they would have to give me annual leave..). So I get a few long weekends during the school year, Christmas Holidays, Spring Break and I have to work 42 days (June - Sept) in the summer. Can't complain though.

    But wouldn't you need a planetarian to come to England and set up shop (I would love a 6 week vacation)

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