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    Ive read this is a value resort. Does this mean we wont get any extras like disney busses to the parks or is it just smaller rooms or something?

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    You get all the services of any other hotel with regard to transport (buses for Pop Century) and inclusion in EMH.

    The difference will be the size of the rooms and the general amenities. However, Pop is a nice place to stay! The rooms are comfortable, and the resort has more than one pool, so you won't feel crowded. The theme is in your face Disney, but that's part of the fun!

    Value is an indicator of overall price for the room rate. It's the most cost effective of WDW's categories with moderate being next (up the cost scale) and deluxes being the highest.

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    Pop Century is a value resort. It does have WDW bus transportation, just as the moderate, deluxe and DVC resorts do.

    The value resorts rooms open onto exterior corridors and the rooms are about 260 sq. ft. In US terms, that's about 25% larger than 1/2 of an average 2-car garage (two car garages are about 400 sq. ft.). They have two double beds, a small table and two chairs, and an armoire or dresser. Directly at the back of the room is the single sink vanity, with a closet rod to one side. The other side opens into a small--very small--room for the water closet and tub/shower combination. Handicapped-accessible rooms with a king bed and walk-in shower are available. Some rooms have been designated as peferred location (closer to Centennial Hall) and a few have king beds (very limited)--both may be available at an extra nightly fee.

    In addition to smaller rooms, some of the amenities--or lack thereof--that separate the value resorts from the moderate or deluxe resorts are: no pool slide, TS restaurant, or hot tub and no services such as spas, salons, fitness centers or business centers.

    Each value resort does have a food court and gift shop. Pop Century is the largest of the four value resorts and can be very busy at prime meal times, as can the bus queues at park opening and closing.

    We've stayed at Pop Century on four visits and enjoy it. While we love the deluxe resorts, they don't always fit our budget, and we find we don't use the amenities all that much most trips. The resort is neat and clean, with theming over the top with huge icons. Think fun and budget!

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    I have stayed at Pop and loved it. I have also stayed in a moderate rate resort too and the rooms are only slightly bigger and come with a small fridge... which you can hire from Pop if you want one... or get one in the room free if you have meds that need refridgerating.

    Given the choice again I would choose Pop.... the value is pretty good value in my opinion. Don't worry you will have a really nice time there... nothing is shabby.

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    We've stayed at POP and thoroughly enjoyed it. :p
    The room was big enough for the four of us - at the end of the day we only sleep in the room. :p015:
    The pools were great, and open all hours, although no life guard after midnight!
    Bus service was ideal, gift shop just the same as any other and food court was fine, as we were all able to choose what we wanted and still be able to sit together and eat it.
    I would stay here again, no problem
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