Sunday 21st September

Quick swim, breakfast then off to Animal Kingdom. Right out of Formosa Gardens. Left into Sherbeth Road. Right at the end and first left and we are there.

We decide the first thing we will do is the Lion King Show. Almost the first in the queue so we get great seats on the corner near the front with only empty Disabled seats in front of us. 2 mins into the show 4 able bodied people came and sat there right in front of the video camera Liz was using. We still got some shots though.

Across the park now to see how busy Everest was

30 min wait so we got fast passes and went to Kwali River Rapids

All aboard and we are off

Once we had got well soaked on the rapids we made our soggy way back to Everest. Only three of us rode the train “Somebody has to hold the camera” Liz said, so we left her looking at the big drop and went in to the fast pass lane. As we got sat in the train and I was next to an empty seat they loaded a single rider by me. As we got talking I found out she was a seasoned rider and this was about her 20th ride . . . . .today!!!!! If you want to get on quick try the single rider lane.

The ride is over all to quickly and having found Liz we had a wander round the Jungle Trek. Lots to see including Fruit bats and hidden Mickeys.

Tiger was a bit sleepy though

There were a few birds around but I couldn’t see the kingfisher that was supposed to be there.

Lunch was taken at the Flame Tree Barbecue at Discovery Island which we were able to fit in before we went to the Finding Nemo Musical. Saw this band on the way.

Time to look for the secret pathway. It isn’t really secret but is a path that not many go along. It starts near #3 on your map – Discovery Island Trails and ends up in the pathway to entrance of Tough to be a Bug.
Loads of new carvings to see as you go round the tree.

Almost time for the parade so we went looking for a good spot in the shade and stopped up at the start of the parade in Africa. If you stay here the parade comes back this way and you get to see it twice.

The boss is always at the rear of this one

As we didn’t want to see the parade twice we decided to go “ on Safari “

Upside down tree with its roots upwards.

Termite mound

These look about the size of Dinosaur eggs

The park by this time was getting ready to close and we were waved off by some of the team.

On the way home we stopped at Bob Evans which is the first building you come to on the 192 after coming off the WDW estate. I can recommend the pork as it just melts in your mouth.
Back to the villa for a few drinks and a swim before bed.