Ok ya'll...I know I've asked for this before but anything ya'll can spare would be beautiful.

I spoke with a very dear friend of mine this afternoon and got some disturbing news.:( Seems he's got some blockages causing problems with his heart. Thursday he's going in and one of a few things will happen....they may find nothing where they look, they may have to balloon him...or they might have to put him under and get to bypassing.

Now when I was so down that no light could find me, he and his wife sent me a little brown bear filled with hugs to lift me back up. I still hug that bear regular like...makes the sad and scareds go away....yeah I know, I sound like a little kid but you all know where I am comming from...you've all been there too.

Long and short is, he's on bed rest until after the procedure on thursday. I will be calling his wife later that day to see how he is and will update ya'll real quick.

Thanks Ya'll