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Thread: The Slowhand`s Trip - Part 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by catrancher, post: 65981
    Hah! Corrupted another one!

    Tom (searching for someone else to corrupt)
    You won't have to look far in these parts, Tom...not far at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowhand
    One issue though. Despite everyone being well aware that there is a dress code at the restaurant calling for gentlemen to wear a jacket, we did notice a couple of guys who ignored this and entered the restaurant wearing sweatshirts and no jacket. They weren`t turned away, but you would have thought that they should have made an effort to conform for just this one night!
    This is the one thing about Disney, in general, that irritates me. Why do they even publish a dress code if they aren't going to enforce it? I'm sorry but these gents should have been turned away. You wouldn't get away with it at Victoria and Albert's and you shouldn't get away with it here.

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