After seeing Johnies 20 year post, just got thinking (actually started programing a new video from NASA into an existing show) about what happened 40 years ago this spring.

Project Apollo - mission to the moon. Can it actaully be that long ago?:rolleyes008:

I remember my friends brother took out his 10 hand gournd and coated reflecting telescope to look at the moon for the first landing. Yeah like we could actually see them!:p

Anyhow the new moon program is coming along. NASA folks said that they are testing the emergency escape rockets across the river at Langley. They sent me a video (CG version) of the launch vehicles Ares 1 and 5. Ares 5 is unmanned (cargo) and the manned version, Aires 1 has an Apollo like capsul (as big as a bedroom as compared to the Apollo's size of a car interior.)

So can it actually be that long ago we were at the moon?

You can see the animations here: