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    30,500 acres or 43 square miles of property is what is considered the original area centrally located in Florida and is considered the largest of its kind in the world.

    52 months of construction were needed to build Walt Disney World back in 1971.

    8 million cubic yards of earth were moved to build Walt Disney World.

    2,000 acres remain open for development by the Walt Disney World Company.

    $180 an acres was a great price for the Florida land, until Disney was named the person buying the land then the price went to $1000 an acre.

    27,258 acres of land purchased for just over $5 million dollars

    18 months of moving dirt were used to just prepare the Magic Kingdom site to be built.

    8 million cubic yards of earth were moved to build the Magic Kingdom.

    3,000,000 chocolate covered Mickey Mouse ice cream bars are sold every year at Walt Disney World (WDW)

    4 colors make up the official colors of WDW, lagoon blue, mint green, pumpkin orange, lavender.

    2,000 acres of grass to mow, which is about 450,000 mowing miles annually.

    50,000 pine trees were planted by WDW cast members across 50 acres to form a “hidden Mickey” in honor of the WDW’s 20th anniversary on February 27, 1992.

    450 acre area is Bay lake and located near the Magic Kingdom.

    2.385 billion gallons make up the volume of water that is Bay Lake and the adjoining Seven Seas Lagoon.

    3.8 million pens are purchased by WDW each year.

    600 tons of steel helps make up Cinderella’s Castle, and not a single stone.

    4 inches is the distance the driver of the armored car has between the door and the wall of the Utilidors, which is the only gas powered vehicle allowed in the Tunnel.

    9 acres of tunnel are under the Magic Kingdom.

    14 feet below ground are the 9 acres of tunnels servicing the Magic Kingdom.

    2 times a month the horse shaped hitching posts on Main Street, USA are scraped and painted.

    20 minutes is all it takes to fill Splash Mountain and 5 Minutes to drain it.

    47 square miles is the original property size that was purchased for Walt Disney World.

    7,500 acres were set aside as Conversation area in 1970 and developed a system of more than 43 miles of canals and 22 miles of levees to control the water level.

    70,000 fish were originally stocked in Bay lake when WDW first opened.

    4 trains are part of the WDW railroad; each train has 5 cars and can hold approximately 360 Guests and 2 wheelchairs. The train names are: Walter E. Disney (red), Lilly Belle (green),Roger E. Broggie (yellow),Roy O. Disney (blue).

    10 miles per hour is the touring speed of the WDW railroad trains travel at while taking you on your scenic journey around the park.

    3,000,000 are how many passengers the WDW railroad carries each year.

    100,000 guests is the max capacity for the Magic Kingdom. The parking lot closes at 75,000 to allow room for Hotel resort guests arriving on buses, boats and monorail.

    11,000 firework shows per year makes WDW the largest consumer of fireworks in North America.

    2,300 wedding are estimated to take place at WDW in a year.

    15,000 weddings have taken place at WDW since September 1991.

    7 million hamburgers are sold in the park each year

    5 million hotdogs are consumed each year in the park

    1.4 million barbecued turkey legs are consumed each year at Walt Disney World

    58,000 employees are employed by Walt Disney world as of 2006, spending more than $1.1 billion on payroll and $478 million in benefits each year

    5,000 employees are dedicated to the maintenance and engineering at WDW including 750 horticulturists and 600 painters.

    $100 million is spent each year to maintain the Magic Kingdom.

    10 of the 12 trains can be stored in the maintenance shop on its upper level (the bottom level houses the four steam locomotives that circle the Magic Kingdom). On any given night, two Mark VI trains are parked outside the gate of the Magic Kingdom. No train will ever be left outside two nights in a row.

    150 truckloads of holiday decorations adorn the Walt Disney World Resort and 300,000 yards of ribbon and bows drape over 1,500 Christmas trees during the yuletide season.

    72,000 ticket holders at the FedEx Orange Bowl National Championship game in Miami each receive a surprise free ticket to any Disney theme park in the world. The largest Disney theme park ticket give-away ever was part of the launch of the Happiest Celebration on Earth, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Disneyland and Disney theme parks.

    50,000th child to have a Disney theme park wish granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Disney. This event took place on October 6, 2005.
    2,500 different Cast Member costume designs make up a working wardrobe of about 1.8 million pieces. Approximately 13,000 costume pieces are manufactured each year at Walt Disney World.

    15 million miles are driven by the Walt Disney World bus fleet each year.

    3,421,399 (approximately)famous “Mouse Ear” hats sold each year at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando to cover the head of every man, woman and child in Portland, Oregon.

    30th year anniversary for Walt Disney World was celebrated October 1, 2001. Happy Anniversary !

    392,040 square feet of space under the Magic Kingdom creates the Utilidors and are bustling with action. Beside navigation information the walls are covered with motivational information, such as the 7 rules of a Cast Member.

    750 watercraft makes Walt Disney World the 5th largest fleet of watercraft in the world.

    14 feet deep is the Seven Sea lagoon, but Bay lake is only 12 feet deep.

    2.5 million garments(pieces) exist in Walt Disney World costuming department.

    150,000 gallons of paint were purchased in 2004 enough to cover 7,500 average size homes.

    263 buses are in service at Walt Disney World.

    7 million trees, shrubs and planets are on property at Walt Disney World.

    50 million soft drinks are sold annually at WDW.

    9 million pounds of French Fries are sold annually at WDW.

    194,871 miles of toilet tissue are used annually at WDW.

    24,409 miles of paper towels are used annually at WDW.

    319,353 lbs. of chocolate are used annually at WDW.

    1.2 million pounds of watermelon are used annually at WDW.

    741,150 pounds of sugar are used annually at WDW.

    1.8 million pounds of flour are used annually at WDW.

    245,000 pounds of fruit filling are used annually at WDW.

    38,000 pounds of white icing glaze are used annually at WDW.

    2.9 million pounds of eggs are used annually at WDW.

    606,000 pounds of bananas are used annually at WDW.

    510,000 of grapes are used annually at WDW.

    1.5 million soft pretzels are served annually at WDW.

    639,000 pounds of macaroni and cheese are served at WDW.

    337,000 pencils are purchased annually to use at WDW.

    148 million sheets of recycled copier paper are used annually at WDW.

    730,102 gallons of bleach are used annually at WDW.

    214,000 bandages were provided to guests during the year 2004 at WDW.

    20,000 different colors of paint used in Walt Disney World.

    14.25 pound largemouth bass is the largest ever caught on Bay Lake, but we’ll never know since it is catch and release fishing.

    3 circle vision films play at WDW. n the Magic Kingdom, take a trip through time in Tomorrowland’s "The Timekeeper." The other two films using the Circle-Vision technology are both found in Epcot's World Showcase. They are O Canada!, and the Wonders of China.

    175 different outfits are in Mickey’s wardrobe closet, including a scuba suit and a tuxedo.

    200 different outfits are in Minnie’s wardrobe closet, including a cheerleader costume and various evening gowns.

    15 million gallons of water are used each day at WDW.

    5,000 plus performers, (not counting the 500 doves that were released), joined in the Grand Opening Celebration of Walt Disney World at the Magic Kingdom on October 25, 1971.

    1,076-piece band (including 76 trombones) was led by "Music man" Meredith Wilson as part of the Grand opening parade up Main Street, USA.

    51,000 employees work at WDW, this number changes with the seasons and peak park seasons.

    11 miles of garland, 3,000 wreaths and 1,500 Christmas trees are spread around during the holiday season. The tallest is a 70-foot tree in Disney's Contemporary Resort. In addition, trees, which range in height from 45 to 70 feet, are placed in prominent positions in the theme parks.

    500,000 character watches are sold annually mainly Mickey watches, are slipped onto wrists from Walt Disney World gift shops each year. At any given time, there are more than 200 different varieties of character watches. The most popular timepiece: a gold-tone relief of Mickey Mouse.

    100 pairs of sunglasses are turned in at the Magic Kingdom lost and found alone. There have been enough "shades" submitted each year in the Magic Kingdom to outfit every resident of Sun City, Arizona; Sun City, California; and Sun City, Florida. Since 1971, an estimated 1.5 million pairs of glasses have found their way into the "lost" bin.

    50,000 Sprinkler Heads and 2,000 miles of irrigation pipe are needed to water more than 3,500 acres of landscaping at Walt Disney World Resort. Since 1971, more than 100,000 trees and 2 million tended shrubs have been planted.

    3 million bedding plants and annuals, and maintains millions of other plants including more than 2 million shrubs, 13,000 roses and 200 or so topiary.

    6,000 different types of food are served at WDW.

    350 or more chefs are employed at WDW

    150 semi trucks of decorations are used to decorate WDW during the Christmas season.

    15 miles of garland are to decorate at WDW during Christmas season.

    300,000 yards of ribbon are used for decorating at Christmas.

    1,500 Christmas trees are used all around the WDW property for decorating.

    8 million lights are used to decorate the 4 parks for Christmas.

    18 towers are on Cinderella's Castle.

    2 times the size of Manhattan Island is the property of Walt Disney World.

    200 feet is the maximum building height in Florida, so the building does not have a red light installed for aircraft.

    1st guest entered Walt Disney World on October 1, 1971

    50,000,000 guest entered Walt Disney World on March 2,1976

    100,000,000 guest entered Walt Disney World on October 22, 1979

    150,000,000 guest entered Walt Disney World on April 7, 1983

    200,000,000 guest entered Walt Disney World on July 20, 1985

    300,000,000 guest entered Walt Disney World on June 21, 1989

    400,000,000 guest entered Walt Disney World on August 5,1992

    500,000,000 guest entered Walt Disney World on October 13, 1995

    600,000,000 guest entered Walt Disney World on June 24, 1998

    4 million guests of Walt Disney World Resort hotels have used Disney’s Magical Express since the airport shuttle, luggage delivery and airline check-in service launched May 5, 2005

    250,000 Guests at the Walt Disney World Resort ride the Various forms of “mass transit” every day, which include monorails, ferryboats, bus services and water taxis.

    100,000 to 200,000 photos of guests are taken each day by Disney’s PhotoPass photographers

    4 % percent of all amateur photography is estimated to be taken at Walt Disney World and Disneyland

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    Wow thats a lot of facts, did you know them all

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    Quote Originally Posted by eeyoreguy, post: 64934
    20,000 different colors of paint used in Walt Disney World.
    Seriously? 20,000 different colours? Are we talking real colours or; Polar white ~ Ice white ~ Cloud white ~ White white ~ Ice-cream white ..... !

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    WOW. My head is spinning.

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    I never ever wonder why tickets cost so much.......

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    On our Keys To The Kingdom Tour, our guide told us that the MK pays for its daily expenses by 10 a.m. each morning....the rest is profit.

    That sent my head spinning.

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