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Thread: Tell me about cruising

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    Ah. Not been aboard the Majesty. It's one of their older ships (which is not a problem, mind)!

    You'll want to know how their spa area is set up. Some NCL ships have gorgeous spa areas, others not so great. (The Spirit's spa was pretty rudimentary). Their spa offerings are by Mandala and usually quite nice. Hold off on booking until underway as they offer nice discounts (usually!) once they get going and see how high the demand is.

    Make sure you know what is available in each port outside the special excursions. Sometimes you won't need to book something special (is the town within walking distance?) other times it's the only way to do anything ashore (like in Hawaii, no excursion? No reason to go ashore).

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    Johnie, I was probably one of the greatest skeptics, but after going on our first cruise (20 anniversary) I was sold on it. We have had 3 cruises - 2 out of Florida on Royal Caribbean (Bahamas and then Western Caribbean/Mexico) and a Carnival cruise to Alaska.

    Food - better IMO on RCL, very good overall. It is not all about food though. Great selection, but fortunately the portions are smaller now. You can have another entre if you wish.

    Table mates - great fun to meet new people. We were paired with 4 other couples (one gay couple) who were celebrating anniversaries. We spent a lot of time with all of them.

    Sea Sickenss - not too much an issue, new boats are huge with stabilizers. Hint don't take interior room - get some view of horizon that helps. Get a room mid ship not on highest levels as they tend to rock more.

    Excursions - pick an choose, some good some not so good (Lots of extra tipping in Bahamas as one guide passes you off to another)

    In short there is little to not like. DD wants to go this summer as graduation celebration. Going with our neighbors/friends whose daughter is also graduating from Alex's high school.

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