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So...let's see...I've cruised two lines, neither being Disney (unfortunately)...Norwegian and Carnival. I was skeptical of course, because I don't *do* water...but I was wonderfully surprised. We had an AMAZING time, especially on the Norwegian which offers what they term "Freestyle Cruising" (meaning you don't eat at a given time, and you aren't forced to sit with people you don't know )

I was concerned that I would get bored...well, let me tell you, if you get bored on a cruise, it's because you *want* to be bored.

Seasickness? Only the first day. Dramamine took care of that. I was fine the rest of the trip.

Food? Oh heavens...I could go on. And on. And on.

Entertainment? Cheesy for the most part...but in an entertaining way :D

Excursions? They had loads but we didn't do many, instead choosing to explore our ports of call on our own.

It's brilliant....and now I have to go find a cruise for Jon and I to take...

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