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So...let's see...I've cruised two lines, neither being Disney (unfortunately)...Norwegian and Carnival. I was skeptical of course, because I don't *do* water...but I was wonderfully surprised. We had an AMAZING time, especially on the Norwegian which offers what they term "Freestyle Cruising" (meaning you don't eat at a given time, and you aren't forced to sit with people you don't know :wink: )

I was concerned that I would get bored...well, let me tell you, if you get bored on a cruise, it's because you *want* to be bored.

Seasickness? Only the first day. Dramamine took care of that. I was fine the rest of the trip.

Food? Oh heavens...I could go on. And on. And on.

Entertainment? Cheesy for the most part...but in an entertaining way

Excursions? They had loads but we didn't do many, instead choosing to explore our ports of call on our own.

It's brilliant....and now I have to go find a cruise for Jon and I to take...

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