How is work going ? Are you seasonal as well ? I just received my background check . I'm not getting many hours right now which stinks, but I know the economy is bad, too .:( Yesterday it poured here so we had customers .
I met the woman that works for the VP in CA on DME on the way to the airport . I chatted with her a bit . It's ironic how the magic works at Disney . She said, we are getting new costumes and the stores will be redone . She is going to be visiting each store . When I have no idea , I would assume after the new year . :p015: She told me her boss, the VP started off as a PT sales associate . Nice Incentive ! :D
I love being a cast member and one customer asked my name for when she did her survey online, she could give me kudos . I was really making some sales for The Disney Store . Letting the guests know that even if they have their childs Halloween Costume , that if they have a WDW trip planned to take advantage of the savings as of the expense there . This way when they go to BBB they only need the hair done and really save . I sold a few that way . Mike took notice and complimented .
I made a few mistakes, but with only having two days training and a 1/2 hour on the register , it was conceiveable . All in all , the mistakes are what break us in . Each store is different .