Sort of because i do not want to plan much and go with the flow.
Me- very excited and can not wait to shop. Have been 3 times before
DH - turns 40 whilst we are there. Offical bag carrier or should that be bags. Hates shopping so i get all his luggage allowance as well . Been once before.
Cousin - First visit and can shop more than me :shocked025:
Cousin's dh - First visit and on look out for all the Harley shops.

6th Nov- we leave for Heathrow. We are staying at the Crowne Plaza. We had a great price of 79.00 for 1 night and 8 days parking.
7th Nov - We fly AA at 12pm and arrive JFK at 3pm local time. We have a shuttle bus all booked to take us to the Hotel Newton. We will get something to eat and have a few drinks before bed.
8th Nov - Sights of Manhattan
9th Nov - Sights of Mahattan. We do have Top of the rock booked for 6pm. We will have a nice dinner as its dh 40th birthday whilst here.
10th Nov - Dh and i are going to visit Jersey Gardens mall whilst my cousin and her dh go look for Harley shops. We will then meet up for dinner.
11th Nov - the men are off to Orange County Choppers whilst us girls hit Woodbury common. The men will then come to help carry our bags . We will then have a last nice dinner.
12th Nov - we fly home today but not till 9:40pm . I would like to visit Chelsea Market and anything else we want to do.
13th - Flight lands at 9:40am and then back to normality.

Some must do's whilst we are there

Serendipity 3
Max Brenner chocolate restraunt
all the usual must do's.

My dd is going to respite for 8 days and although i know she will be well looked after and happy i am still a little worried. Her seizures are really bad at the moment. I know though that dh and myself need this time out together. It is something that is not likley to happen again for a very very long time.