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Thread: How do you buy disney bricks?

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    We've seen the walk around the world bricks at disney with names and dates on and would like to get one is it still possible?

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    Right at the moment they are no longer selling them at WDW but to the best of my knowledge they are still available at Disneyland.

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    we missed out becuase they did sell some again in 2007 but they said to us that they do sell one or two whenever they need to replace a broken one so if you have a special occasion or something that would make your request stand out you can still get one. psssst they now cost $300

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    They aren't being sold at WDW right now. We bought one a couple of years ago when they sold them briefly. The best $300 I've ever spent....I smile each time I go visit my brick in front of MK.

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