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Thread: Windows 7 previews

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    Windows 7 is apparently set to be unveiled next year.

    I think it looks Okay.. but not excellent. It looks like a fusion of Vista, Linux and Mac OSx tiger.... I'm not a huge fan of the aesthetics, but lets face it... it can't be any worse than Vista!!
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    why do they have to keep changing it? :rolleyes008: just as i got to know the current one

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    I think it looks nice, but I hate, I mean I really hate having to upgrade all the time.

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    We managed to stay away from Vista, Chris always thought it was going to be a disaster like ME. Vista is far to resource hungry

    I still wouldn't upgrade for 12 - 24 months though, I'd want them to get all the teething problems out of the way first.

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    I like vista. I didnt at first but now Ive turned off some things its nicer than xp on my system

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