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Thread: Universal Studios Hollywood plans Transformers ride for 2011

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    Universal Studios Hollywood plans Transformers ride for 2011

    Transformers ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

    Universal Studios Hollywood will add a Transformers ride in 2011 featuring 3-D high-definition footage with special effects and robotics.

    Scheduled to begin construction in fall 2009, the ride, based on the blockbuster 2007 film, would replace the Backdraft and the Special Effects Soundstages attractions at the movie theme park, according to Variety. The entertainment industry trade newspaper says the price tag for the Transformers ride could top the $40-million Simpsons Ride.

    An identical Transformers ride is scheduled to debut first at Universal Studios Singapore.

    Screamscape speculates that the new Transformers rides could constitute the next generation of Spiderman dark-ride systems at Universal Studios parks in Orlando and Japan, which mix in-your-face special effects and super-size 3-D projection.

    In the ”Transformers” movie, which earned $708 million worldwide at the box office, the friendly Autobots battle the evil Decepticons, robots that can turn into cars, trucks and planes.

    Steven Spielberg, an executive producer on “Transformers” and a creative consultant to Universal’s theme parks, previously developed rides and attractions based on “Jurassic Park,” “E.T.,” “Jaws” and “War of the Worlds.” A “Transformers” movie sequel opens in summer 2009.

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    That is soooo cool! I really enjoyed that movie.

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