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Thread: Ryanair flights to USA from 8. I would! Would you?

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    Full story here. This could save us a bob or two!

    My only concern would be any 'hidden' charges.

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    OMG, how can they possibly fly a plane to the US that cheaply, even if it were full?

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    You will have to pay extra for everything I should think, like you do with their European flights.

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    I would. Hey i bet they would be cheaper than Virgin.

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    i reckon it will probably end up being around the same in real terms.

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    Could be but certainly worth a look.

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    Whoa,that sounds like an offer to good to be true .

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    Quote Originally Posted by uscwest, post: 68689
    OMG, how can they possibly fly a plane to the US that cheaply, even if it were full?
    They won't usc they're masters of the con. Basically the first very few tickets booked a year in advance may be 8 then the next 100 will be 200 and so on ;-)

    They've said they'll offset by charging a fortune for business class, but that's always the airline model.

    Then EVERYTHING will be extra from the air you breathe to 5 cans of coke and so on

    Ok *slight* exaggeration there but I'm not pinning my hopes on 8 flights to orlando any time soon
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    i'm not sure i'd want to pay thousands of pounds for Ryan air business class either

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    I can imagine they will be that much cheaper than other airlines. Let's see what happens.. I'd certainly fly with them. Some of my best flights have been with Ryanair.

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