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Thread: Hall of Presidents closed for 8 months for extensive refurb

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    Renovations to bring Disney World's Hall of Presidents into 21st century

    Barack Obama or John McCain -- here's one more issue for voters to consider: Which one would they rather listen to at Walt Disney World in the Magic Kingdom's Hall of Presidents show?

    One of them will get to address visitors each day in the theme park once the animatronic attraction undergoes a renovation.

    To make room for a new, robotic version of the 44th president of the United States, Disney will close the 37-year-old Hall of Presidents after today for an extended refurbishment. The show will stay shuttered for more than eight months so Disney can update the hall's aging light, sound, mechanical, projection and show systems, just as the company has done in recent years with other "classic" Magic Kingdom attractions such as It's A Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion.

    "We're about to get a new president. And so, since we have to shut down the show anyway to welcome No. 44, we're going to take the opportunity to . . . refurbish the attractions and the facility and also kind of wave the magic wand around a little bit," said Pam Fisher, senior show writer for Walt Disney Imagineering.

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    8 months! :shocked025:

    They could rebuild it from the ground up in that time! :rolleyes008:
    Next trip - Bali! (March 2015)

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    That sounds exciting. I do enjoy the show, for the show, as well as for a nice rest.

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    I hope its open by the end of June , but I highly doubt it .
    I like it for the exact same reason foreverducky gave . Its a great show, its air conditioned and a nice rest .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinker, post: 68760
    I hope its open by the end of June , but I highly doubt it .
    I like it for the exact same reason foreverducky gave . Its a great show, its air conditioned and a nice rest .
    me too...we love going in just for a cool down. DH tends to have a quick snooze

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    I have never managed to stay awake for the entire presentation

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    I agree... it's kind of very soothing.... it does need it though. They need pillows on the seats and the seats made into sofa beds....

    Seriously though I do like the show, the animatronics are brilliant I think... very lifelike at times it's a bit creepy.

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    I agree , the animatronics are creepy .

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    Guess I'll have to find another place to sneak a nap :wink:

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    Carousel Of Progress , if opened . Or better yet , Tom Sawyers Island !

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