YUCK, YUCK, YUCK is all I can say. I won't gross you out with pictures (of which I have none) or graphic details. I had this thing on the palm of my hand. It morphed into this weird gross thing on the outside of my hand. Anywho...I went to the regular dr the other day and he wanted me to go to the dermatologist which is where I went today.

They knew exactly what this thing was

Pyogenic Granulomas

Pyogenic granulomas are scarlet, brown, or blue-black slightly raised areas caused by increased growth of capillaries (the smallest blood vessels) and swelling of the surrounding tissue.

The condition develops rapidly, usually after injury to the skin. For unknown reasons, large pyogenic granulomas may develop during pregnancy, appearing even on the gums (pregnancy tumors). Pyogenic granulomas appear as - to -inch growths that rise from the surface of the skin. They do not hurt, but they bleed easily when bumped or scratched because they consist almost entirely of capillaries.

Pyogenic granulomas sometimes disappear by themselves, but if they persist, a doctor usually removes them surgically, with laser therapy, or with an electric needle (electrocoagulation). A sample of tissue may be sent to a laboratory to ensure that the growth is not a type of melanoma or other skin cancer. Sometimes pyogenic granulomas recur after treatment.

and NO I am not pregnant! The worst thing they did to me today was put FIVE needles in my hand. The thing is gone, my hand is wrapped up like a mummy and now I wait to make sure this thing isn't cancerous. She said they usually aren't.

My hand is still numb so excuse my typing this evening.