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Thread: On A Mission To Find Scoop Part 2

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    It was about 8:00 AM when I opened my eyes to a nice smile and a Good Morning . Coffee is ready . Talk about service . I joked that I hope I wouldn't scare her . As my hair is a fright wig in the morning . We both cracked up . My cell phone rang at 9 AM . It was Christian letting me know that he and his Nan were on their way . Cindy use to be a CM and I hadn't seen them in over 2 years . I was so excited to see them both . They live in Leesburg , a good 45 minute drive to Disney . We were on a mission to find Scoop . I had learned a few days before I left that 12 Hidden Mickey pins were released . Cindy & Christian also are pin collectors . I told Christian I would head over to the MK and hook up with them there . I hung up, jumped a shower and said my see ya laters to Marie & John . We had an ADR for the Clambake Cafe at 6:00 PM .
    As I entered the Lobby , I saw the greeter . It was a woman , I had not seen before . I stopped to chat and inquired about Art . I'm sure Sister Tink knows of Art . A gracious African American elderly dear, sweet man that greets you with a salute and the warmest smile . I had the pleasure of chatting with Art several times in 2006 , when Jim and I stayed at the BC . I was so relieved when she told me Art was still with them and would be there the next day . She was wearing a pin lanyard, but had nothing I needed . We chatted about the new CM pins and told me they were out there . She gave me a LE retired yacht & beach club pin . I thanked her for the pin and went out the front sliding doors to wait for the MK bus . As I walked across the bridge admiring the atmosphere and beauty of the BC , the MK bus pulled up .
    Within minutes, I was at the MK , walking through security, checking out my stone and taking a nice deep fun filled breath . I put my tix through the machine and I was going through the turnstile . As I walked through the tunnel and came out on the other side ... therte was Scoop . LOL What was the chances . He saw me and said ... weren't you just here or didn't you leave . I Wish !!! LOL He was going on break, but told me he'd be out and about . I called Cindy and they had not arrived yet . So, I got on the train and went to Toontown . I couldn't remember when Tinkerbell & her fairy friends were appearing . Once I found out , Tink wouldn't be there did the 26th , I went over to see Mickey . I walked right through his house and there was only a 10 minute wait to see him . After hugging Mickey, I went over to Goofy's Barnstormer . It was there I found my first new Hidden Mickey pin , the Mickey Cherry Pie pin . I rode Goofy's Barnstormer and as I was getting off my phone rang . Great Timing ! I picked up to hear Cindy say ... We're Here ! I waited 5 minutes for the train and got off at Main Street . I'm looking & looking for Cindy and Chris . I calledc and said Where R U ? She said I'm looking at you , but the hat shop . There you are ... so I ran over and we both had tears . Once we stopped hugging & giggling ... we waited for Christian to finish winning his game of checkers . When he stood up , he was almost as tall as me . I was like Holy, Moly, two years and two feet later . These kids grow up too, too fast .
    As we walkred onto Main Street , we spotted Scoop . Christian & Cindy played mystery pin trade with him . He told me he wasn't picking his new pins up until Thursday . I shared with him that I was now a CM in my area and he said, sweetie, your here so much and you are what we need here . Why don't you just come here to live . In time, Scoop, in due time !
    I asked Chris what he wanted to do and he said Space Mountain . Now, SM , is a ride I no longer do, but today I was doing it for Chris . Boy, Did We Do It !!! The CM gave Chris VIP for the rest of the day . After the 3rd time, Cindy said, you want to ride again, to me , thinking she was going, I said, yeah, she said , good, I'll hold your stuff . Thanks, Cindy ... I Love You Too . LOL So, Chris and I rode it another three times . I offered Chris some money for the arcade . What 11 year old doesn't like video games .
    Aftere the arcade games and another great pin find . We went on BuzzLightyear and the Transit Authority . We stopped at Cosmic Rays for lunch . I had the Chicken Ceasar Salad and Carrot Cake . Christian got chicken nuggets and Cindy had the turkey wrap .
    Afterwards , we headed to Adventureland and rode POTC and the Jungle Cruise .. then off to Frontierland to ride SM and BTMR . I could not believe that the rides were virtually walk on . The longest we waited was 10 minutes for SM . We took the short cut to the HM . It was going for anout 4:00 PM , so we headed over to Main Street to do some shopping . I bought a gorgeous chenille blue Tinkerbell sweater and my bat ears for MNSSHP . I got Cindy the tapestry throw they offered for $15.00 with a $40.00 purchase . Since I had dinner with Marie & John , Cindy & Christian headed to DTD . We made arrangements to meet back over at Hollywood Studios at 6:30 PM .
    dinner is always great at the Cape May Clambake . The first time I ever had dinner there was with Johnie and her dear family .
    After dinner, I took the boat over to HS , another great perk of staying at the BC . Cindy & Chris met me out front . We strolled over to Toy Story Mania and wwas shocked to find out that it was only a 20 minute wait . We rode it and made our way to Fantasmic . Fantasmic has become my favorite nightime spectacular . I LoVe Wishes, but Fantasmic has Steamboat Willie and Sorceror Mickey . LOL
    We stopped in the stores on the way out and I purchased a Walt Disney World football for Chris . We stopped in guest services on the way out to look at the pin book . To our surprise, we both got a couple of the new hidden mickey pins . As we exited I hugged Cindy and Chris and we have plans to see each other in June . It was so good to see them both .
    Theboat had stopped running , so I asked a bus driver which bus stop I would use to go back to the BC . He told me to wait at Bus Stop 8 . We stopped at CBR first, then circled the Epcot resorts before I was dropped off at the BC . I stopped by the Marketplace to buy a soda and the CM had two more of the new pins on her lanyard . I had completed one set of the new series in one day . What Magic !
    I quietly entered the villa as Marie & John were in bed . I pulled my sofabed out , made a 7AM wake up call as Epcot was having extra morning hour and crashed right out .
    Part 3 Epcot and MNSSHP with pics .

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    Wow sounds like you had a fab time Tinker and a busy one, wouldnt it be magical if you did move there, and got a job in WDW, i would be able to see you every visit cant wait for the pics
    Jacqui xxx

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    Great trippie Debs Never say never, you just don't know what's round the corner

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    Loved reading your report....well done on those pins!!!

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    It may be sooner than you all think . I'm determined to make *my* life a priority . I have dug myself back to that dark hole again and to be honest, I'm tired . I know where I want/need to be and I'm going for it . Sorry to say, it may take some major changes in my life .

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